Pictures from Wayne Paradis.... Company Clerk 210th CAB
circa 1968/69

All these pictures are thumb nail size.  In order to view the entire picture just click on the image..  This should help all those that aren't hooked up to DSL or faster modems.

1SG Stroup and Mess Sergeant Purcell USAF Weatherman   Bn HQ North to South  Ernie, Waco, TX    ???  Mike Kidd ???    George Curry Mike Russell Mike again  and again              

Phu -  Orderly room maid  Mike   

Downtown Siagon


This is only the first role of slides Wayne sent me.  I had pictures made of two boxes.  The next one is coming soon..................

Here is the second roll of slides - 

Bet this isn't there anymore...   ????  

Sgt. Schultz, ????,  ???  Ton Son Nhut Airport


  Phil Dickey left side of truck, ???, ???    Ed Arthur     Lt. Bickel    ???



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