210th Combat Aviation Battalion

Scenes in and around LTN

   This was the Orphanage and Buddhist Temple... you can see the pad there in the middle...well there used to me a cement elephant statue there, til one day I think a M79 Grenade Launcher eliminated it.


Doreen of the Mousekaters paid us a visit at Long Thanh North...


  Well somebody had to guard the KP's Tent




Here is a gathering outside our houch.  Wayne Paradis lookin
 into the camera, Tony Macelli giving the sign of the 60's. Cant tell ya who the other two are..







   From this view you are looking towards the         Awards Formation... Officers Quarters in back.
 mess hall to the very extreme upper left corner
 of this picture... this shot is from my houch.



l/r R. Childress (back), G. Huey, Gus Dekavallas (found), Carlson        l/r me, Gary Huey, ??? , Gus Dekavallas


Tony in Otter on the way to Vung Tau....  Tony at the hotel in Vung Tau 68'

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