210th Combat Aviation Battalion

Scenes from Long Thanh North.... circa 68



This was the Battalion HQ's 210th CAB, LTN, RVN picture of the Bn is seen on the front page







 Looking at the tower from my hooch... the way to bearcat would be to my right... left would take you down the runway towards Hwy 15 and off post.  The pad there was for the Signal Company that was going to move in, in Jan of 69. This pic was Dec 68.



This is a view into the first NCO Club... it was next to the left of the mess hall on the road.  Across the road was the Medical facility and future home of the club yet to be built.  Picture Oct 68.








This picture was of the Basket ball court we set up in the Motor Pool........ Can you name the guys in this shot????? email me and help me out..


tall guy with glasses.. Tim Donovan
shooting basketball...  Gary Huey
back to us, hands on hips.. Gus Dekavallas, 

under basket back to us...???







  This is looking towards bearcat from the side of my hooch. In the very back you can see where the Vietnamese Laundry and bath and store were located.




Mark Hoetzel and John Davidson 69








Richardson.....(confirmed) thanks Ron... notice the short timers calendar on the wall.. If you were there you know which one I'm talking about.
He is sitting at 1SG Stroup's desk.

Ron was working two different positions then covering for the company clerk that was on Emergency Leave at the time.


Phil Dickey III.. our illustrious journalist





Dave Dismore.... thanks Dave for helping by sending me more pictures


Click on the picture for a large view


This is Dismore playing Rat Patrol in the back of the 3/4ton Trk. Lincoln is driving.


Dismore and his buddies, Dismore left, Curry middle, Schreck right, at the old NCO club... the one that was a Quonset tent.




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