The white "Delta" image on hawk #18's tail is 210CAB's logo... it was
painted on all aircraft, from all units, under 210's command.

This is 73d's hawk #18 ("B" model - "slar")... taken at the south end of
73d's flight line in Vung Tau. The 73d company grounds are in the
background. The big flight line hanger is just out of the pic to the
right. Company grounds... big white building is mess hall. There is a
large roof just to left of mess hall, this is the outside ramada for
evening outdoor movies, etc. The first row of quansit huts, first
building is "operations" if I recall.  The nearest building
in background to the right is the POL office. The pic is taken from
northeast facing southwest.  

Another shot from the Air as I was flying over the Vung Tau Airfield...
notice the LOH shadow in both pictures.


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