210th Combat Aviation Battalion
at Long Thanh North, RVN


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July 2016 Guest Number 324
Email: davedamanger@aol.com
Name: Dave Frazier
Unit: 54th aviation co
Tour_dates: 1969 to 1970
DMOS: 67c20
Message: looking for guys from my unit
Rank: sp4
Status: property manager

Guest Number 323
Email: thehookster@att.net
Name: Steve Postier
Nick_Call: The Hook
Unit: Security Pathfinders (SG) Platoon, 210th Combat Aviation Battalion, 165th Aviation Company, 1st. Aviation Brigade
Tour_dates: Dec.1970 - Dec. 1971
Message: I was assigned to the LTN Security Platoon. We guarded the gates and the entrance to the BOC during the day. We had to search all the Vietnamese day workers coming onto base in am and off in PM, keeping the rest f you guys safe during the day. We actually did find Hootch Maids etc. concealing grenades in their belongings, God only knows what they planned to do with them. Anyone with photos of LTN gates and or security guards, or the BOC, and the mess hall, I'd appreciate it. Also, anyone that may have brought home a roster of personnel that might include the security platoon, or a set of orders sending you to LTN on or about Dec. 11-14th 1970 with my name included on it I'd like to hear from you.Thanks
Rank: Sp4
Status: Retired Police Officer San Jose Police Dept. San Jose, Calif. I retired on stress disability after 23 yrs, & just diagnosed by VA with PTSD.


Guest Number 322 June 29, 2013
Email: davhou@comcast.net
Name:  David Houke
Nick_Call: Hokey Wolf
Tour_dates: Dec 1968-Jun 1970
DMOS: C rew Chief
Message: Looking for any connection around my time.Anyone seen Jim Hywatt.
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired in Florida

Guest Number 321 June 1, 2013
Email: tgafarm@gotsky.com
Name: Douglas W Targett
Unit: 146avn.224 Btn
Tour_dates: 10/70-11/71
Rank: Spc.4
Status: Retired railroad and now have a Llama farm

Guest Number 320 May 29, 2013
Email: charlesgrahamlion265605@aol.com (Charles, this email address doesnt work) email me cowboy@cowboysranch.com)
Name: Charles Graham
Unit: HHC 210 Avn Co
Tour_dates: Nov 67 to Nov 68
DMOS: 26D20
Message: I joined the unit the week we moved to Long Than,my duty assignment was the portable GCA radar repair man.I stayed there untill Iwas relieved with the cdivilian controllers in Ithink it was may of 68. Moved to Vung Tau 73 Avn Co flew SLAR till deros
Rank: SP5
Status: retired Army 79 Michelin Tire Co 97

Guest Number 319 May 13, 2013
Email: howedmi@aol.com
Name: Douglas Howe
Unit: 146th Aviation Company (RR)
Tour_dates: Jan. 1970 - Mar. 1971
DMOS: 95B20
Message: Thanks to this site my old friend MP John Parker recently contacted me. I had not spoken to him in over 40 years and he still sounded the same!
Keep up the good work. I also found another MP I served with Doug Targett thanks to an internet search.
Rank: SP 4
Status: Retired


Guest Number 318
Name: Charllie Basford  
email:  cbasford@suddenlink.net   
Nick_Call: CB
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: 11/70 -11/71
DMOS: 71B20
Rank: SP4
Status: Retired Mining Management

Guest Number 317  September 29, 2012
Email: smkimberling@yahoo.com
Name: S. Mike Kimberling
Nick_Call: Kim
Unit: 54th Utility Airplane
Tour_dates: Oct 68 - Mar 70
Message: While in Vung Tau I worked the mail room and and radio/driver for Co and ran Tiger Towers Club for about 6 months. Anyone heard from David Vanderground?
Rank: Spc 5
Status: Retires in Florida

Guest Number 316 July 18, 2012
Email: skip-bev@hotmail.com
Name: Marvin Gregoire
Nick_Call: Skip/ Big Daddy
Unit: 54th UAC
Tour_dates: Nov 68-69
DMOS: 1980
Message: Would like to hook up with other Big Daddy Alums.
Rank: CPT

Guest Number 315 June 10, 2012
Email: sargrlittle@yahoo.com
Name: Robert E Little
Unit: 365 add
Tour_dates: July 71-July 72
army atc,tower. Enjoyed LTN as a controler and was my only station in VN. The amount of traffic and variety of AC made it interesting and alot of times a challenge. Hope to attend the 2012 reunion. Robert
Rank: E4and E5
Status: Retired

Guest Number 314 March 12, 2012
Name: John C. Leichty
Unit: 56 th
Tour_dates: 5/67 - 5/68
Message: was sent from the 25 th in Cu Chi to 56th in TSN
and moved with 56 th to LTN following end of TET
68' left may 68'

Guest Number 313
Email: delhar@cox.net
Name: Paula (Nga)
Nick_Call: Ms. Nga Secretary
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: 1968-1971
Message: Hi Mike,
Wonderful website, I just got in touch with Ms. Xuan Mullaley, we have lost in touch since 1977. Thanks to the re-union email from a daughter friend of mine who also worked at LTN. She sends me the link of your website. You have beautiful pictures of your horses and the sites are magnificent. LTN memory lane is wonderful. My former name is Nga (now Paula) I was a CAC secretary from 1968 ? 1971. My husband was an aviator in Big Daddy 54th Aviation Company. I just want to thanks and hopefully will see you and Debbie at the re-union. My email address is delhar@cox.net.
Paula Hardiman
Status: General Service Administration (FAS) Foreign Gifts Program Manager

Guest Number 312 March 1, 2012
Email: flyfishingmontana@sbcglobal.net
Name: Gary L. Thomas
Unit: 25th Avn Co
Tour_dates: 1969 - 1970
Message: Served in Long Thanh. Had quite a few different jobs. Air Traffic Controller Long Thanh III Corp air field/ Door gunner / Small Vehicle Mechanic / Short time as a clerk....
Rank: SP4
Status: Retired in Los Angeles Area and summers in Montana

Guest Number 311 February 27, 2012
Email: hhudson7740@hotmail.com
Name: Howard C. Hudson
Unit: hhc 210th & YO-3A
Tour_dates: 07/70 to 03/72
DMOS: 64B10
Message: Worked in the Message Center with Jim Allison, Ron Morse and Jose Cardona. Went to the 73rd SAC with the YoYo's and finally back to work in the BOC with Jim Allison, Chuck Bradis, CPT Shipley and 1LT Fisher. Got out then went back in sixteen moths later. Spent twenty years as a grunt. Retired in 1993
Rank: SP4
Status: Disabled and Retired in Las Vegas. Going to school.

Guest Number 310 February 21, 2012
Email: teedmun@hotmail.com
Name: Terry Edmunds
Nick_Call: Pro
Unit: HHC, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Mar 69 - Mar 70
Message: I served with the 210th in 69...have been involved in reunion planning for the past 5 years. Looking for Edd Long, Mike Randol and any others there with us at that time. My handle was "Pro" cause I was a golf pro when I entered the Army...actually had a net set up at LTN so I could hit balls. I think I signed in before but wanted to update. If you are interested in this reunion, please contact me at the email address above. PS Mike's site is great!
Rank: E5
Status: Retired

Guest Number 309 February 1, 2012
Email: gashog@rollingrods.net
Name: Mike Higgs
Nick_Call: Higgy
Unit: CAC, Long Thanh North
Tour_dates: 1971-1972
Message: A guestbook entry here, number 275 from John S. Dice, asked about an incident on the perimeter at LTN. I was there. I saw the man get hit. He was a friend. I have been unable to find him since I visited him in the evac hospital in Long Binh.
John Dice, if you are able to see this, or if anyone can contact John Dice, please have him contact me for more info.
Status: Former OTR Truck Driver now Self employed

Guest Number 308 January 19, 2012
Email: uptight21@gmail.com
Name: Mark Wilson
Nick_Call: Uptight 21
Unit: 73rd SAC
Tour_dates: APR 70 - 71
DMOS: Pilot
Rank: CW2
Status: Aviation Training and Services www.flyifr.com


Guest Number 307 December 31, 2011
Email: JimwSorenson@gmail.com
Name: Jim Sorenson
Unit: 146th Avn Co
Tour_dates: July 71-july 72
DMOS: operator
Rank: E-4
Status: SALES

Guest Number 306 December 27, 2011
Email: howedmi@aol.com
Name: Douglas Howe
Unit: 146th Aviation Company (RR)
Tour_dates: Jan. 1970 - Mar. 1971
DMOS: 95B20
Message: Served as a military policeman for the Army Security agency. While waiting for my security clearance to be approved, I served for one month as a Security Guard with the 210th. I found out that my buddy Brian Stone died in 2004 (we never did reconnect after Nam.) Would like to know if any one knows where MP John Parker is now? I have heard from several other guys from my unit because of this site. Keep up the great work.
Rank: SP 4

Guest Number 305 October 27, 2011
Email: paul.johnston@century21.com
Name: Paul Johnston
Nick_Call: Piggy / Johny
Unit: 303rd Transportation GS Aviation Maintenance
Tour_dates: Sept 1968 - Sept 1969
DMOS: 67N20, 67Z20
Message: Unit: 303rd Trans. Company, Aviation
Tour_dates: Sept. '68 thru Aug. '69
DMOS: 67N20
Message: I arrived with the 303rd in Sept. of '68. We staged our buildup of personel and equipment as a unit at Fort Benning GA. Our company area was across the runway from the 210th's. We manned the "South Main Gate" (to Long Thanh Village) and several adjacent bunkers facing the Rubber Plantation. We had the flight line and old French hangar closest the South Main Gate. (Thanks to Wayne Nelson guest no.272 for the intro and location of our unit.) After several months of performing 1000 hr maintenance on Hugheys, Cobras, LOH's and as maintenance crew leader for awhile. I was sent to Long Bin with 4 others with the 67Z20 MOS for Heavy Repair on a CH54 Flying Crane tail# triple 4 that crashed. Spent last 4 months there working under a (GS13) Sikorsky engineer named Leslie Ware. After 3 mos TDY the others went back to LTN. We were asked to stay longer and it was at our discretion. I wanted to see the job finished so stayed. I will always remember the last days while 444 was doing the final runup and static tests when I got the notice of an 8 day drop and had to leave to process out to go home. I was offered E-6 and flight engineer position from the CO of the outfit for one more year in country with their unit. I was tempted but declined and left the country at 19 years old to finish my enlistment stateside. "So little time, so much to do and so much left undone". It was sickening to see all those A/C thrown off the ships and the fall of Saigon. What a learning experience for a ninteen year old. I am grateful to all those I met and served with who helped me learn the meaning of responsibility and honor.
Rank: SP-5
Status: FAA Licensed A&P since 1973 / Realtor since 1976 Just turned 62 no retirement yet

Guest Number 304 October 25, 2011
Email: jack.jm76amc@gmail.com
Name: jack mansfield
Unit: 54th avn 255th Trans Det 74th Recon airplane co
Tour_dates: 1966/1969
DMOS: 67C20
Message: Had a great time incountry, returned to work for DOD retire as a civilian after 30 yrs. Sierra Army Depot 2006.
Many thanks to Maj Cox for his support, and inspiration.
Rank: E3
Status: Retired

Guest Number 303 October 10, 2011
Email: elullsr@AOL.com
Name: EdLull
Unit: 74thrac
Tour_dates: apr70-nov71
Message: After all this time I found this site with some names that I haven't seen in a long time. and haven seen others that I was looking for. Toall my brothers I look forward to hearing from you .
Rank: e-5
Status: semi-retired

Guest Number 302 September 16, 2011
Email: robertgarrett43@yahoo.com
Name: Robert Garrett
Nick_Call: Bob
Unit: 2nd Sig Avn Det
Tour_dates: 1970-1971
DMOS: 67n20/30
Message: glad to have found u folks was looking for 2nd sig and found u
Message: I was at LTN March70 to Jan71 got an early out. I spent my last month as tower guard, I flew 200hrs as crew chief on UH1H in answer to the unit that wore the black caps; well that was 2nd sig avn det I was also the units airframe/sheetmetal specialist because thaats what I did as a civilian
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired from lockheed aircraft

Guest Number 301 September 3, 2011
Email: robehouse@cox.net
Name: Jerome Robelen
Nick_Call: Robe
Unit: command airplane company
Tour_dates: 7-68 7-69
DMOS: u-21 pilot
Message: My team and I built new showers ans a swimming pool (out of runway rubber) at Long Thanh North. I was a engineer officer (and pilot)
Rank: 0-3
Status: Seawind pilot retired

Guest Number 300 August 29, 2011
Email: jackwatsonphotography@hotmail.com
Name: Jack Watson Photography
Nick_Call: Jack
Unit: 165th CAC
Tour_dates: 7-69 to 7-70
Message: U-21 A/C at Long Thanh North. Great tour. Lots of memories (mostly good.) Love to hear from guys in the unit at that time.
Rank: WO-1 and 2LT
Status: Retired Airline Captain

Guest Number 299 July 25, 2011
Email: ronnie_thatcher@hotmail.com
Name: Donald Thatcher
Unit: 25th. CAC. 1AVN. Bdg.
Tour_dates: 1967-1969
DMOS: 11b20
Rank: Spc.4
Status: retired army

Guest Number 298 Jul 4, 2011
Email: joseph.oney@yahoo.com
Name: Joe Oney
Unit: USARV Flt Det, HHC 210th CAB, 184th Recon Apl Co
Tour_dates: Jun 67 - Apr - 69
DMOS: 67B20
Message: Arrived in country Jun 67, and assigned to USARV Flt Det and worked on the U-8 line. Left Ton San Nhut in Oct 67 and was among the advance to LTN that poured concrete, built hootches and tended burn barrels :). I recall being caught racing fuel trucks on the runway and being caught by the BC and CSM (not one of my better days) Transferrd to the 184th RAC in May of 68 and assigned to Duc Hoa until may of 69. Looking at the Guest Book I recall many of the names.
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired from OHARNG (AGR) in 2000.

Guest Number 297 May 31 2011
Email: harleyazrider@yahoo.com
Name: Charles D. Light
Nick_Call: Don
Unit: 25th Aviation Company, Red Carpet
Tour_dates: 1969-1970
Message: I have been searching for articles or pictures of my unit and can't seem to find any. Got to the unit in Juky of 1969 as a SP5 and left in July of 1970 as a SSG E-6.
Rank: SSG E-6
Status: Fully retired for U>S Army and DOD Government service

Guest Number 296
Email: jlgarrard@comcast.net
Name: Jim Garrard
Nick_Call: Gunga Din
Unit: 365th ADD
Tour_dates: 1970-1972
DMOS: 93j40
Rank: Sgt
Status: Semi Retired

Guest Number 295  May 3, 2011
Unit: 56 TH trans.
Tour_dates: 67 - 68
DMOS: 67_
Message: was with 20 th / 25 th div. cu chi , sent to 56 th
in TSN , 56 th moved to LTN total ending tet 68 ,
I rotated conus 5-10-68. interesting times.

Guest Number 294 April 22, 2011
Email: nbdiesel@aol.com
Name: Harvey Smith
Unit: 2nd Signal Battalion Aviation Detachment
Tour_dates: J 1969une 1969-Dec 1969
Message: The whole thing was a blur. Always tired. SOG every third night. A 1st Lt almost got me killed while he tried to catch guys sleeping or smoking in the bunkers at night. He made me park the 1/4 ton while he snuck up on the bunkers. I hung back and close to the ditch in case someone opened up on him. Memories I'll never forget or be able to tell others never there.
Rank: Sgt E-5
Status: Sell and service diesel engines for sailboats,semi-ret.

Guest Number 293 (update) April 12, 2011
Email: thundereagle@att.net
Nick_Call: Stabber
Unit: Command Airplane Command
Tour_dates: 60 TO 72
DMOS: 67G20
Rank: SP/5

Guest Number 292 April 11, 2011
Email: lovealaska75@yahoo.com
Name: joe bea marks
Nick_Call: animal
Unit: 2nd sig.
Tour_dates: april 1970 to 1973
DMOS: 67N20
Message: looking for john foster jim blanton
Rank: sp/5
Status: roughneck

Guest Number 291 March 9, 2011
Email: sarge990@gmail.com
Name: Ralph Fuller
Nick_Call: Ralphie
Unit: 210thCAB 54thUAC
Tour_dates: 68-69
DMOS: 67H20
Message: Living in Ruskin Fl.
Rank: E-5
Status: Retired or almost.

Guest Number 290 February 21, 2011
Email: wendorff1@hotmail.com
Name: Joe Wendorff
Unit: 590 th TAMC,210 CAB RP of Panama
Tour_dates: 1981 thru 1983
Message: Proud to have served within the 210th and honored to be a part of the legacy. I have been looking for a soldier by the name of Robert Winfree that served with the 590th TAMC in Panama around 1981 to 1983. He has some old pics I would certainly enjoy seeing again.
Rank: E4
Status: Aircraft Mechanic DS2-CBP

Guest Number 289 January 29, 2011
Email: donandgin1@comcast.net
Name: Don Coney
Unit: Hq Capital/210th CAB
Tour_dates: Oct 66-Oct 67
Message: I don't see many entries for the time for the period I was there. When I arrived I was sent tdy to brigade hq to help catch up on a backlog of awards. When back at the 210th hq i was assigned to the message center , and then battalion head clerk. The best i remember the Bn commander was Col. Kurd. Served with many fine officers and enlisted men. Any of you reading this and having trouble with Prostate cancer ,or Parkinsons Disease Which i have both, make sure you apply for benefits due you.
Rank: SP/5
Status: Retired due to health problems/ Master Electrician

Guest Number 288 January 12, 2011
Email: huey1967@hotmail.com
Name: Fred Bunnell
Nick_Call: Cable017
Unit: 2nd Sig Aviation Detachment
Tour_dates: 3/68 - 3/69
DMOS: 67N-20
Rank: SP/4
Status: Administrator

Guest Number 287 January 10, 2011
Email: j.fozard@cox.net
Name: Jeff Fozard
Nick_Call: Fuzzy
Unit: Bear Cat Air Traffic Controller/Door Gunner
Tour_dates: Sep 70-Jan 71
DMOS: 93H20
Message: Looking for a Long Trip pilot-Cpt. Jeff Gray. He was stationed in Long Binh. I knew him when he flew Shotguns out of Can Tho. I was there for 2 yrs as a controller. Flew as a gunner on my day's off. Even had an engine failure in a Bird Dog with Jeff while we were flying night security over Can Tho. If anybody knows of him and where he is, write me. I've got a book published on my memoirs-Cleared To Land. On Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Rank: SP/5
Status: CW4 Retired and now a Deputy Sheriff in Benton County, AR


Guest Number 286 December 24, 2010
Email: Raynardw@msn.com
Name: Raynard (Ray) Williams
Unit: USAF
Message: Hi everyone. I think my late brother, Col. William F. (Bill) Williams, commanded the 210th toward the end of the war. It would have been his last line assignment before going to staff and retiring from there.
Can anyone verify that? I would appreciate that very much. Bill was my 'big' brother.
I discovered this web site this morning.
Thanks and God bless you all.
Raynard L.(Ray) Williams,
Maj. USAF, Ret.
Status: Retired and living in Novato, Ca.

Guest Number 285 December 10, 2010
Email: haroldbrice@aol.com
Name: Harold Brice
Nick_Call: none
Unit: CAC / USARV Flight Detachment
Tour_dates: 12/1967 to 12/68
DMOS: 68B20
Message: Got to see Bob Hope show just a few days after arriving at LTN. Ran out of film shooting pics of Raquel Welch, and other celebrities as they unloaded at LTN prior to the show at BearCat.
Looked like it was going to be fun in Vietnam. Then the North Koreans seized the Pueblo and then the Tet offensive kept us on the berm for 3 solid days wondering if it was all over..I have tons of memories, glad to see some names in the comments. Paul Pilon and I spent our first night at LTN together. I remember Hlebek, Kowalski, Jim Berry, Jack Lynch, Richard Phillips, and Sgt. Willis. My youngest son married a Vietnamese girl who left VN in a boat and I now have a beautiful amerasian grandson. Seems like yesterday, and the day before. Sandbags, guard duty, and tons more. I finally stopped waking up realizing I had been reciting my serial number all night. I am glad I found this sight, might help me a lot. Thanks
Rank: SP3,4,5
Status: Real Estate Agent, Father, Grandfather,Husband

Guest Number 284 November 26, 2010
Email: jim641944@yahoo.com
Name: Jim Maher
Unit: 73rd SAC, HHC 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 1968-1968
Message: II officer at 73rd, then S-2 at 210th
Rank: CPT
Status: Retired

Guest Number 283 November 14, 2010
Email: kenneth16803@gmail.com
Name: Kenneth Brooks
Unit: 74th Recon
Tour_dates: Aug. '69 until Mar '70
DMOS: 31M20
Message: I worked in communication. Pilots would file their flight plan with me. Would keep up with their location during the mission. Found this site by accident. Do remember some of the names on site.
I was not working my mos because Red Cross pulled me out of 101st Airborne when they found out my brother Billy Brooks was serving at Lom Son with 74th as crew chief. Was allowed to serve with 74th at Phu Loi.
Rank: Spc4
Status: Working at D.O.E. site S.C.

Guest Number 282 November 9, 2010
Email: lloydwetherbee@gmail.com
Name: Lloyd Wetherbee
Nick_Call: Bee
Unit: 212th MP Sentry Dogs
Tour_dates: 6/68-7/70
Rank: Sp4

Guest Number 281 Novemeber 1, 2010
Email: ronaldgurney@hotmail.com
Name: Ronald W. Gurney
Unit: 210th Combat Aviation Bn
Tour_dates: Jan 1, 1968/Dec 21, 1968
DMOS: 67G40
Message: I am retired living in Clearwater, Florida would like to reach SSG Allensworth and SP5 Dickey. Dickey helped me bandage up the kid that got killed on the road just outside the club. Dickey was from Maine. Allensworth was from Arizona. Also would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. I worked in the hangar as a tech inspector with SP6 Jurich and a civilian named whaple he was a beach air craft tech repersentatve
Rank: SP5-SSG
Status: Retired Trucker

Guest Number 280 October 17, 2010
Email: raymo1949@msn.com
Name: Ray Somers
Unit: C Co. 15th TC 1st CAV DIV.
Tour_dates: 5/69 - 5/70
DMOS: 35K20
Message: Also spent many a night in the bunkers facing the rubber plantation. Can still hear that panthers growl! Spent latter part of my tour in Phu Loi alongside 1st Infantry AHC Co. and in their drinking hole (much better than the Cav's). The Aussie's were a trip too! A lot of memories from Long Thanh and Phu Loi. Will never forget them. Peace.
Rank: Spc. 4
Status: Dental Tech.

Guest Number 279 October 17, 2010
Email: Timwilsonis@hotmail.com
Name: Tim Wilson
Nick_Call: Tim
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: Nov '68 - Jun '70
DMOS: 71P20
Message: Trained as an air traffic controller (93H20), the Army saw fit to use me as a Flight Operations Coordinator in the Saigon detachment of Command Airplane Company. My time in Vietnam included some of the best times in my life. Great site. It brought back great memories and put a smile on my face. I'm sorry that I can't remember any names. It's been too many years.
Rank: Spec5
Status: Retired Air Force JAG Colonel.

Guest Number 278 October 10, 2010
Email: bonnie.schmidt@hotmail.com
Name: Bonnie Schmidt
Unit: HHC, 210th AvnBn, Panama Canal Zone
Tour_dates: 1975 - 1977
Message: I was stationed with the 210th Avn Bn at Albrook AFB in Panama after it was relocated from Vietnam. I am proud to have served with such an outstanding unit.
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired USA ANC & Retired Dept of Veterans Affairs RN

Guest Number 276 October 6, 2010
Email: dano36@swbell.net
Name: Dan Longley
Nick_Call: Silvereagle
Unit: Hq 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Aug69=Aug70
DMOS: 711A
Message: Updating previous guest book entrys.
Attended the St Louis reunion and had a great time. Good to visit with the people I knew back then and meet others that served there not just in the 210th but other units on LTN. These reunions bring a lot of closure for people that served in Vietnam so I recommend for anyone who has not attended one to do so. Its really a very rewarding experience.
Rank: CW2
Status: Retired USArmy, Retired from Security/Law Enforcement Second Career

Guest Number 275 August 12, 2010
Email: 18401@aol.com
Name: John S. Dice
Nick_Call: Dice
Unit: 210th CAC LTN
Tour_dates: 71-72
Message: looking for anybody whom was out on perimiter gaurd duty in Jan. or February of 72 , while we were setting up our claymores and Machines guns the guy to my right was shot in the leg buy his bunker mate accidentally , setting up his M-60. I need this info of any names whom may witness this, Even our c.o's name, DICE
Rank: e-4
Status: retired

Guest Number 274 August 10, 2010
Email: trschwalm@gmail.com
Name: Ted Schwalm
Unit: 56th Trans. Co./255th Signal Detachment
Tour_dates: May 1967-May 1968
DMOS: 35m20
Message: We moved from Tan Son Nhut right after the Tet offensive in Feb. 68. I worked on the avionics gear on the U21. Spent a 17 day TDY in Thailand to support some u21's at Don Maung AFB.
Rank: E5
Status: Retired

Guest Number 273 July 1, 2010
Email: zweble2000@yahoo.com
Name: Robert E. Scott
Unit: 146th Avn Co (RR) TSN Vietnam
Tour_dates: Mid 68 - Dec 14, 1969
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Like to hear from anyone who knew me in Siagon. Was crew chief u-8 and the first U-21 that got there. Especially a guy that needed his fuel intake adjusted and cranked it up to about 80% before I got off the cowling. Having trouble with Army benefits program.
Rank: Sp E-4
Status: Carpenter AFL CIO Union 727

Guest Number 272 June 27, 2010
Email: wenelson@hotmail.com
Name: Wayne Nelson
Unit: 303rd Trans. Company, Aviation
Tour_dates: Sept. '68 thru Aug. '69
DMOS: 67N20
Message: I arrived with the 303rd in Sept. of '68. Our company area was across the runway from the 210th's. We manned the "South Main Gate" (to Long Thanh Village) and several adjacent bunkers facing the Rubber Plantation. We had the flight line and old French hangar closest the South Main Gate. I crewed our Company's Hueys as well as many a test flight on repaired aircraft. Spent a lot of time on the perimeter.
Rank: Sp. 5
Status: Director of Environmental Affairs, Ret.

Guest Number 271 June25, 2010
Email: jtucker@ccbcu.com
Name: Jim Tucker
Unit: 25th and 210
Tour_dates: JAN 1969 to Aug 1970
DMOS: 1981
Message: I work at night in the Toc Center (Mole Hole)
Rank: 1LT
Status: Work for Coke

Guest Number 270 June 10, 2010
Email: uaitanks@spiritone.com
Name: Robert A. Fisher
Nick_Call: Bob
Tour_dates: 8/71 - keystoned 1/72
Message: I was an Armor officer assigned to base security at LTN. Worked every night for 4 1/2 months until a new LT came in and spelled me every so often. I worked with Howie Hudson, Jim Allison and some others who I can't recall right now. This site is great for stirring memories. Thanks much for the work in producing it.
Rank: 1LT

Guest Number 269 June 9, 2010
Email: camtidwell@comcast.net
Name: Cam Tidwell
Nick_Call: Stormey
Unit: Det 20, 5th Weather Sq Air Force
Tour_dates: Dec 68 - Dec 69
Message: Served as Weather Officer supporting all aviation units at LTN. Would be interested in hearing from anyone serving during this period. 40% disabled due to Agent Orange.
Rank: Capt.
Status: Senior Systems Engineer, SAIC

Guest Number 268 May 27, 2010
Email: dick_lindgren@yahoo.com
Name: Richard Lindgren
Nick_Call: Babyhuey
Unit: 146th Avn Co (RR))
Tour_dates: 02-69 till 09-70
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Welcome home everyone and thanks for your service.
Rank: Sgt E - 5
Status: Almost retired.

Guest Number 267 May 1, 2010
Email: northstar1969@msn.com
Name: William D. Hall
Unit: HHC 210TH CAB
Tour_dates: 10/5/69 - 10/5/70
DMOS: 26M20
Message: This is to update my entry several years back.
VA Doctors report I have a fatal disease in my lungs resulting from Agent Orange exposure. I am 100 percent disabled by Agent Orange generated health issues.
Rank: E-5
Status: disabled

Guest Number 266 April 29, 2010
Email: dwainpangle@yahoo.com
Name: Dwain Pangle
Nick_Call: Big John
Unit: 73rd SAC - TDY 210 Security Pathfinders
Tour_dates: 11/1970 to 8/1971
DMOS: 67H20
Message: I was assigned to the 73rd SAC as a Mohawk mechanic upon arrival at Long Thanh North. I volunteered to join the 210th security platoon and was with them for 7 months. That was 12/70 to 8/71.
Rank: Spec 5
Status: Community College Instructor

Guest Number 265 April 21, 2010
Email: johnlittleeagle@ctvea.net
Nick_Call: STABBER
Tour_dates: 1968-1969 1969-1970 1971-1972
DMOS: 67G20
Rank: SP5

Guest Number 264 March 30, 2010
Email: howedmi@aol.com
Name: Douglas Howe
Unit: 146th Aviation Company RR (Radio Research)
Tour_dates: Jan. 1970 to March 1971
DMOS: 95B20
Message: Served as a military policeman mostly doing guard duty in a tower on the perimeter, on the flight line, at HQ S-2 12 hours a day seven days a week. We played basketball on a homemade court to help pass the time. Whatever happened to Brian Stone? I extended my tour by two months so when I landed in the states I got an early out.
Rank: SP-4
Status: Still working account executive

Guest Number 263 March 22, 2010
Email: brlwdav@aol.com
Name: david barlow
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: May '68 to August '70
Message: I spent the first year at LTN, the next 6 months at TSN then back to LTN to finish. I loved flying the U-21 but hated the bad weather. By the way, I was part of the crew that built the flush tiolets and the pool about mid-1968. I got an early-out in 1972, went back to college and served 24 years as an intelligence officer. I currently teach polital science at a small college in Billings, MT. Cheers!
Rank: lt/cpt
Status: semi-retired "When you quit working, you die"

Guest Number 262 March 4, 2010
Email: besparks71@hotmail.com
Name: barry sparks
Nick_Call: long trip
Unit: cac
Tour_dates: jan 69 to jan 70
Message: Just another pilot in the cac. Based at long thanh.
Rank: lt/cpt
Status: corp pilot

Guest Number 261 February 15, 2010
Email: rmcmahon11@twcny.rr.com
Name: ronald mcmahon
Unit: 146th aviation
Tour_dates: 1972-1973
DMOS: 05h20
Message: was only at ltn only a short time before our unit was moved down to cantho. I enjoyed
hearing from someone who served in vietnam.
Rank: SP5
Status: retired due to cancer

Guest Number 260 February 15, 2010
Email: sargrlittle@yahoo.com
Name: Robert E Little
Unit: 365add
Tour_dates: july 71-jul72
Message: I was a tower controller at LTN 71-72.A great place to work ATC. If you remember a
tower controller with a very profond Texas or sourthen acccent,that is me. I am looking for a piolt I think from Georgia. We flew around on day and landed at Phnam Penh. We made some pictures of destroyed migs. Sure would like a copy. Thanks. Robert
Rank: E4-E5
Status: Retired Master Sgt. (1988)

Guest Number 259 February 15, 2010
Nick_Call: N/A
Unit: 74TH
Tour_dates: APRIL 69 TO APRIL 70
DMOS: 67B20
Rank: SPC5

Guest Number 258 January 3, 2010
Email: cdrinks@aol.com
Name: Charles Drinkwater
Nick_Call: Charlie
Unit: 54th avn. co, then CAC at Long Thanh
Tour_dates: 67- 68
DMOS: 67g2t
Message: Was nice to see pics of the aircraft and the hanger where I sometimes worked on the P&W pt6a20 engine, also the battery shop where I spent my last mo. Fav. memory, the several times I flew crew cheif re-supplying green beret B-teams along the Cambodian border. I was also a fireman for awhile at the airfield at Long Thanh.And I ask; was it all real?
Rank: E-3
Status: Almost ( can't afford to ) retired

             GUEST BOOK ENTRIES 2009

Guest Number 257 December 30, 2009
Email: dccottages@yahoo.com
Name: dale w. stoughtenger
Nick_Call: stinky
Unit: 25th aviation comp corp
Tour_dates: 70 to 71
DMOS: 71p20
Message: hi everyone, i worked in operations. you may remember gary schamber, dick mac cance, or johny d fuller. we all worked togeather. i have not heard from anyone since 1970. i would like to talk to anyone that might have known me at that time.
Rank: sp5
Status: retired maina owner

Guest Number 256 December 3, 2009
Email: billy4g@comcast.net
Name: Bill Grassi
Nick_Call: Aloft
Unit: 74th Recon Apl. Co
Tour_dates: july 66 to july 67
DMOS: 68b20
Message: I am very sadened to hear of the death of ourbrother Beneathy, agent orange has taken it's toll on all of us, i myself am dieing of a rare
form of slow progressing Brain cancer , there is no treatments they can do or use surgery is out of the question because of where the tumor is.
But i make the best of every day, and i think of my comrads constantly, all are in my prayers and thoughts, i dont have much longer to live , but
i am very proud to say that i served with the most couragious men in the world and that is all who served in Viet Nam. i say to all my brothers
hang tough and stay well. God bless to all.
sincerely your comrad Bill Grassi
Rank: sp/4
Status: medicaly Retired because of terminal Brain cancr. 100% disabled

Guest Number 255 December 1, 2009
Email: hendersonl@mac.com
Name: Lee Henderson
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: 70?72
Message: I was in the CAC with Bob Bayne, Jerry Jensen,Jack Sprague, Al Brown,Larry Dupestadt ( a classmate in the 01 Birddog IP course, what a hoot!) We moved from LTN to Longh Binh to the morgue. I left the company just before the move to Singapore. A GREAT flying tour!
Hello to all my brothers!
Rank: CPT
Status: School District Superintendent

Guest Number 254 December 1, 2009
Email: mccan@comcast.net
Name: Steve McCan
Nick_Call: Big Daddy 5
Unit: 54th Avn Co
Tour_dates: 1970-71
DMOS: 1181
Message: Served as XO in the 54th. Moved to 210th CAB where I commanded HHC. Prior service was XO of A Btry, 5/2 Arty in Phu Loi, RVN (66-67).
Retired in 2003 from an electrical contracting co.
Rank: Cpt
Status: Retired

Guest Number 253 November 25, 2009
Email: mccan@comcast.net
Name: Steve McCan
Nick_Call: Big Daddy 5
Unit: 54th Avn Co
Tour_dates: 70 - 71
Message: My first tour was with the 5/2nd Arty. in 1st Inf. Div. (Twin 40 Dusters) 66/67
Served with 54th as XO for 1st 6 mos. then commanded 210th CAB HHC for the remainder of 2nd tour.
Rank: Captain
Status: Retired

Guest Number 252 October 28, 2009 (Return)
Email: dbeau04620@yahoo.com
Name: Dennis Beauvais
Unit: 224th Avn Bn., 144th Avn Co.
Tour_dates: 8/67 to 6/69
DMOS: 05H20
Message: Signed the guest book many years ago. Wanted to update my email address. With the 144th Avn Co (RR)in Nha Trang all through '68 thru '6/69 when I was discharged. Prior to the 144th was with the 303rd, 509th in Saigon, 8th RRFS in Phu Bai and transfered to 'Nam from the 12th RRFS in Chitose, Japan. Quite an adventure. Retired now but often think of and wish for the old days.
Rank: E-5
Status: Retired Federal Police Officer

Guest Number 251 October 28, 2009
Email: txxcab@gmail.com
Name: Charles Wyatt
Nick_Call: Wyatt
Unit: 146th Aviation MP Platoon
Tour_dates: Aug 1970 to Sep 1971
DMOS: 16b
Message: 146th aviation MP's did guard duty on the flight line, on the north (I think) tower and at HQ; doing 12 hour shifts, 24/7.
Rank: sp/4
Status: Pastor

guest Number 250 October 10, 2009
Email: ronaldcreedgibson@hotmail.com
Name: ronald c gibson
Nick_Call: ron
Unit: 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 12 1966 / 12 1967
DMOS: 63C30
Message: i arrived in dec 66 on tun son knut air base in capital avn bat. later, in 67, a groop of guys were sent to long thanh north to build the bat hq beside the run way. we dug foundations, put in all footing, and built the barracks.
Rank: SP/5
Status: retired

Guest Number 249 (return) October 8, 2009
Email: gcolorito@hotmail.com
Name: Gen e (Geno) Colorito
Unit: 210 th Long Thanh North
Tour_dates: 1968-69
DMOS: commo section
Message: Started at Long thanh before hooches were built.
Served with Robinson,Steger, Childress, Diaquisto, Sims. 
Sarge Robinson has been able to find many of the old communications section and many guys that bunked with us.
Rank: sp/4
Status: retired wastewater operator

Guest Number 248 September 9, 2009 (update)
Email: dustoff56@gmail.com
Name: Sam Langhofer
Nick_Call: dustoff
Unit: 56th Trans. Co. 765 Trans. Batt.
Tour_dates: 3/2/68 to 7/2/68
DMOS: 67B/N20
Message: Just changing my email as I have retired.  We were at the south end of the field.

Guest Number 247 August 26, 2009
Email: k.olney2@cox.net
Name: Kurt Olney
Unit: Army-Lockheed YO-3A attached 73rd LTN
Tour_dates: 1970-71
DMOS: June 1971
Message: Were you a YO-3A?  Go to www.yo-3a.com Also, our group is looking for photos of the YO-3A, Super 8 or help in contacting some of our lost YO-YOs.
Cell phone--760 716-7780
Rank: SP 5
Status: Landscape Contractor

Guest Number 246 August 24, 2009
mail: james.houser@comcast.net
Name: James Houser
Unit: 56th Trans. Co. amd 210th CAB Security Guard Platoon
Tour_dates: Dec. 1969-Dec. 1970
DMOS: 68B20
Message: I got sent from the 56th Trans Co. in March/April 1970 to be attached (TDY) to the 210th CBA Security Guard Platoon...at that time Sgt Sassy was the platoon St. ...After he left, I was promoted to the duty as Plt. Sgt. and was their until I ETSed in Dec. 1970...
Rank: SP4
Status: Graphics and Presentation Production

Guest Number 245 August 10, 2009
Email: west_maureen@hotmail.com
Name: Lyle W Sunderland
Unit: 56th Trans
Tour_dates: June 68 June 69
Message: Would like to hear from anyone from my company.  Also, did anyone ever get that rat in bunker 5?  Ed Langly, Doug Carrol, Roy Butler please contact me.  Lt Ward and Cpt Cook are two pilots I flew with.  You should consider adding us to the list of units at long Thanh and invite us to the reunions.  I would have attended.
Rank: Sp5
Status: US Army Retired CW03

Guest Number 242 July 19, 2009
Email: tutvoli@gmail.com
Name: Tut O.
Nick_Call: Can
Unit: 146th Aviation Company
Tour_dates: Sept 1971
Message: Looking for a veteran that was in Long Thanh until roughly September 7, 1971.  His name is Steve Cannon, he was a cook for the 146th Aviation Company.  His nick name was "Can".  He met a young Vietnamese woman while serving his tour in Long Thanh.  She became pregnant shortly before his tour ended leaving behind my pregnant mother with the hope that he would take her with him.  I am now 37 years old with little knowledge of the man who is my father.  If anyone has information about Steve Cannon "Can", pictures, anything, please contact me.  I am not looking to contact him unless he wishes it.  I just want to know more about my father.  I hope there will be someone that can help me.
Rank: uncertain - enlisted
Status: Son of an American Army Soldier

Guest Number 241 June 9, 2009
Email: rrandall44@gmail.com
Name: Robert Randall
Nick_Call: RL
Unit: 125th ATC
Tour_dates: Oct 66 to Dec67
DMOS: 93b20
Message: I worked the Tower at Dalat/Camly Airport Dec 66 to Dec 67. Interested to know anyone who stopped by enroute or stationed in Dalat. RL 
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired Avionics Technician TWA/ AA

Guest Number 240 June 1, 2009
Email: richard.mcclure@att.net
Name: Richard A. McClure
Unit: 74th Avn Co (Util Apln)
Tour_dates: 5 Apr 69 to 23 Oct 70
DMOS: 76T20
Message: Filling in the blanks, it seems like an eternity ago
Rank: SP5
Status: Instructor,Virginia Dept Military Affairs,US Army Retired

Guest Number 239 May 16, 2009
Nick_Call: BRAT
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: 72-73
DMOS: 67G20
Rank: SPEC.4

Guest Number 238 May 4, 2009
Email: wenelson@hotmail.com
Name: Wayne Nelson
Nick_Call: Torque Wrench was 303rd's
Unit: 303rd Trans. Co., GS
Tour_dates: Sept. 68 - Aug. 69
DMOS: 67G/N20
Rank: Sp. 5
Status: Director of Environmental Affairs (Ret.)

Guest Number 237 April 29, 2009
Email: boeckrj@clearwire.net
Name: Ralph Boeckers
Unit: Co A 15th TC AM&S, 1st Air Cav
Tour_dates: May 69 to Jul 71
Message: From Minnesota:
Don't hear much about this unit that I was with but I was first at Long Thanh North, right across the control tower near the 210 CAB.  We repaired a lot of 1st Cav helicopters.  I was a mechanic first on the flight line.  Then we moved to Phu Loi, North of Saigon. Became the crewchief for the company Huey.
Rank: E-5
Status: Retired Sheriff Det. Presently VA Police Officer

Guest Number 236 April 26, 2009
Email: Ubiquitist@aol.com
Name: Bob Agerbeck
Nick_Call: "AK"
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: May 69 to May 70
DMOS: 67Y20
Message: Some times I have very mixed emotions about going to this website, but more often than not, I'm happier to see it.  I'll be 59 this year, 40 years after the "Long Thanh" and I still revere the lessons I learned, the people I met and the missions.  The guys from 69-70 made the "hooch" a place away from it all.
Rank: SP4
Status: GS-1910-12 Virginia Class Submarines

Guest Number 235 April 24, 2009
Email: rmharper58@comcast.net
Name: Ron Harper
Unit: 210th Combat Bn
Tour_dates: 68-69
Rank: SGT
Status: Retired CSM

Guest Number 234 April 5, 2009
Email: james.clemenson@us.army.mil
Name: Jim Clemenson
Nick_Call: Clem
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: Jan 72 - Apr 72
Message: I was assigned as a Crew Chief on U-21's after my Helo unit stood down.  I was there when Command Aircraft Company moved from Long Than to Tan San Nhut in Saigon around Feb/Mar 72.  When I left they were decimating the Company populous.  Never heard how they got rid of the airplanes after that.  I now attend an ARNG T-10 workshop where they had photos from the 70's.  Several of our U-21's are on the banner.  I now have possession of that banner.
Rank: SP4
Status: Currently Chief Master Sergeant assigned as Senior Enlisted Manager of the Joint Staff at the National Guard Bureau.

Guest Number 233 March 28, 2009
Email: skyeye@wildblue.net
Name: Johnny Stewart
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: March '68 - April '69
Rank: Lt/Cpt
Status: Retired

Guest Number 232  March 25, 2009
Email: sandiamt@mchsi.com
Name: Richard Hendrickson
Nick_Call: Capitol 4 Alpha (last)
Unit: CAC, 210th & S-4A
Tour_dates: 5/68-5/69
DMOS: 5/69
Message: Hi to all! First time I've found anything on this grand unit. I was mostly involved with the officers but have lots of pictures (somewhere) of "our" side of the fight...if you're interested. Assistant S-4 the last few months of my tour.
Rank: CPT
Status: Retired law enforcement

Guest Number 231 March 9, 2009
Email: donna_lynch@verizon.net
Name: Jack Lynch
Unit: 210 th CAB
Tour_dates: Jan 68-Nov68
Message: I only recently found out the 210th had a web site or reunions.Found that out from Mike Fryer.Also got a call a year or so ago, from Bill Thomas.Any of the guys live here, in the New England area ? Also, anybody hear from Jerry Imbowden, or Walt Schlaupitz ? I think Schlaupitz lived in Ohio, and Imbowden, in Calif.
Rank: Sp 5
Status: Retired Fire Dept. Captain

Guest Number 230 February 26, 2009
Email: CrabCaker7@msn.com
Name: Kit H. Jaracy
Nick_Call: "KJ"
Unit: 509th RR Gp, 224th Avn Bn
Tour_dates: May 1967, June 1969
DMOS: M7120
Message: I'm the Air Trans. Specialist that "cooked the deal", with the Air Force and "Tri Service ATCO" that got all of us to fly right out of Than San Nhut on MAC Charter (Civilian Airlines) flights, rather than fly out of Bin Hua or Cam Rhan Bay. I am now retired from "Eastern Air Lines" and live on the Delaware Shore.
Rank: SP4

Guest Number 229 January 15, 2009
Email: helen.rule@hotmail.com
Name: Helen Rule
Message: Does anybody remember my father - Benjamin Roy Rule?  He served with the AATTV and is sadly no longer with us. I am trying to retrieve a medal that belongs to him and in the possession of the Australian Government.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him as my memories are faded.

Guest Number 228 January 10, 2009
Email: al_kromer@msn.com
Name: Al Kromer
Nick_Call: Al
Unit: 73rd SAC
Tour_dates: 1/70-11/70
Rank: Sgt
Status: Accounting Consultant

Guest Number 227 January 4, 2009
Email: bvgdrifters@optonline.net
Name: Bill Hayes
Unit: 25th Corps Aviation Co
Tour_dates: dec69 to feb 72
DMOS: 67n20
Message: Maybe somebody from the 25th  has checked in here. Like to hear from you. I was Col Hughes crew chief at 12th Group HQ for a while. I quit. Too many lifers. Still with United Airlines after 20 years and bumped all over the country. Now at SFO. Its just a shadow of the great job it used to be.
Rank: E-5
Status: aircraft mechanic UAL San Fran maintenance base


210th Combat Aviation Battalion


Guest Number 226 December 23, 2008
Email: tnbumkin@bdennir.us
Name: Chuck Nabors
Nick_Call: Weather Forecaster
Unit: 5th Weather Sq (Air Force)
Tour_dates: May 70 to May 71
DMOS: 25750
Message: Was attached to the CAC providing weather forecast for flights over the operational areas.
I enjoyed working for the Army and the people I served with..a great group of guys..especially all the Pilots that flew the U-21s some really great pilots..Cpt Tidwell was the commander of the unit and I was the 1st SGT..take care and God Bless
Rank: Tsgt
Status: Retired from the National Weather Service after 40 years of Federal Service

Guest Number 225 December 19, 2008
Email: spraysurf_53@yahoo.com
Name: Daniel LaBruyere
Nick_Call: Libby
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: Aug 72-Mar 73
Message: Hello All.  I was stationed at TSN and crew chief.  We all came from Ft. Eustis to saigon at same time and assigned to same unit. I left with my aircraft and 5 others 15 minutes before deadline for troops to be out of country in Mar 73 with all 780 gear.  Went to Singapore and turned in all unit aircraft to Beechcraft over a 5 day period. then flew commercial home.  All crewchiefs and pilots at that time all came back to the world on same flight and we were the only ones on the flight.  Needless to say what shape we were in when we landed in Frisco.  "Longtrip" forever remembered.
Rank: E--4
Status: Retired

Guest Number 224 December 2, 2008
Email: darkhrse5@comcast.net
Name: Wilmer D. Snell (Dan)
Nick_Call: Aloft 26 (74th RAC)
Unit: HHC, 210th CBT AVN BN
Tour_dates: Jan 68 -Jun 68
Message: It is indicated that someone wants to locate me. I served with the 210th CAB in the S1 shop under Major William Lozano from Jan 68-Jun 68, when I was assigned to the 74th RAC until my DEROS in Jan 69. I returned to RVN in 1971 and served in C Troop, 16th Air Cav in the Delta. I retired from the Army in 1997 in the grade of 0-6 and currently live in Franklin, Tennesssee.
Rank: CPT
Status: Director, Internal Compliance Reporting, HCA, Inc.

Guest Number 223 June 24, 2008
Email: uh1ddoc@aol.com
Name: John Witwer
Nick_Call: Doc
Unit: Battalion Surgeon, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Oct 67 to Oct 68
Message: Thank You,  great website, very well done. Was one of the original people to go to LTN from Tan Son Nhut in Nov and Dec 67. Was very fortunate to have great medics, Sgt Uzleber, Sgt MacIntosh, Corrier, Hull, Hearn, Cruz, Millela, Domino, Vymazal, Compton. Who did I forget?
Rank: Cpt

Guest Number 222 June 17, 2008
Email: rob4b1@wreawildblue.org
Name: Robin P. Baughman
Nick_Call: Rob
Unit: 212th MP sentry dogs
Tour_dates: August 71 to March 72
Rank: Sp/4
Status: Retired Colorado State Trooper

Guest Number 221 May 31, 2008
email: rbladl65@aol.com
Name: Richard Bladl
Nick_Call: Sarge
Unit: 73rd SAC, Vung Tau
Tour_dates: 1968-1969
Message: Unit Supply Sgt with Col French commanding. Would like to hear from my supply clerks at the time, they were Spc G Rouse and Spc J Metzger. Also would like to hear from others who served with me at the 73rd.
Rank: Staff Sgt
Status: Retired disabled.

Guest Number 220 April 12, 2008
Email: dobson5749@yahoo.com
Name: Ed Dobson
Nick_Call: Aloft 3
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: Apr '69 - Mar '70
DMOS: S-3 / Aviator
Message: Hello all.  I recognize several familiar names in this group.  It was a pleasure to serve with you.
Rank: CPT
Status: US Army retired, Still piddling around a bit.

Guest Number 219 March 30, 2008
Email: almeyer1@hughes.net
Name: Al Meyer
Unit: 201st Avn Co and CAC
Tour_dates: Sep 71 - Aug 72
DMOS: 1980, IFE
Message: Began my tour flying U21's with the 201st in Nha Trang. Late in 71 or early in 72, all U21 support flying was consolidated with the CAC being the the sole unit for USARV/MACV with Dets at Da Nang and Nha Trang. A short time later, the CAC was moved from LTN to TSN, where I moved to in early 1972. Was a real joy flying the 21's and working with everyone in the 201st and CAC. CAC XO was Chuck Ledford, IPs Mike Patterson and Jack Sprague. Also Jerry Jenson, Jim Leathers, Bill Schweinfurt, Bob Kirksey, Dick Wire, Lynn Olson, Bolinger, Peterson and others that names now escape me. Maybe someone has a copy of the 71 - 72 yearbook to share. Great time, good memories. The most fun I ever had flying.
Rank: CPT
Status:  retired from the US Army and am a retired Northwest Airlines Pilot

Guest Number 218 March 27, 2008
Email: aloft27@fairpoint.net
Name: Dick Thoma
Nick_Call: Aloft 27
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: Feb 70-Feb 71
Message: Was PL at Xuan Loc, retained callsign 27 (long story) but had a great tour with a great bunch of guys, pilots and crew chiefs alike.  If it weren't for the chew chiefs dedication I most likely would not be writing this.  It was an honor to serve with them and support the 18TH ARVN Div and their advisors.
Rank: Cpt
Status: Totally retired

Guest Number 217 March 26, 2008
Email: spl311mg@aol.com
Name: Michael Gould
Unit: 352nd Aviation Detachment / 210th Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 1972 / 1974
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Wow, great site. Wish I could hear from some of the people that were there on the flight line with me at Allbrook AFB in the Canal Zone.
Rank: Spc 4
Status: General Manager for a Landscape Construction Co. in Santa Cruz, Ca

Guest Number 216 March 14, 2008
Email: scooter_2004@hotmail.com
Name: David A. Burnette
Nick_Call: Blue
Unit: 73rd avn 210 avn bn  YO-3A det. Long Thon North
Tour_dates: October 1970 to October 1971
DMOS: 67B20
Message: I worked on the YO YO's and was there during several rocket and ground attacks. always tried to get the towers for guard duty,hated the rats and dog handlers scarring us at night, hated the scorpions also,Bill Mansell and Gary Demming were my room mates and friends,also a guy called half and half because of his mustach,I was a SP/4 at the time. retired Chief warrent Officer 1991,work for the Commissary now 907-353-7890 if you remember me call
Rank: SP/4
Status: Distribution Center Manager for Defense Commissary Agency Fort Wainwright Alaska.

Guest Number 215 February 14, 2008
Email: denwolfe@btl.net
Name: Dennis Wolfe
Nick_Call: Wolfe
Unit: 210th CAB Hq
Tour_dates: Jan 1,1968 to Dec 17, 1968
DMOS: 71H30
Message: Hey Guys,
    Great memories. Since I've never met anyone who had heard of Long Thanh North, I was beginning to think I imagined the whole thing. Then I clicked on a picture of personnel and found myself surrounded by Horning, Kintz, Kayton, Kelly, Eggerichs, Sidera, Martinez and Shipley. Damn, we were young.
    Kelly and I were on the verge of a connection in 2000 but a hurricane wherre I live wiped out all my contacts for a while and I missed the connection. If you hear from him, tell him I'm still kicking.
    Now, I'm a musician on an island called Ambergris Caye, in Belize. Yeah, us Baby Boomers still know how to rock.
    For those interested, this is what I do. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Dennis Wolfe
Rank: SP5
Status: Musician - Dennis Wolfe and the Usual Suspects

Guest Number 214 February 8, 2008
Name: Jim Tucker
Unit: 25 Avn Co
Tour_dates: Jan69-Aug70
DMOS: 1983
Message: Great to see the site.
Rank: LT-CPT

Guest Number 213 February 3, 2008
Email: mikebb5@hotmail.com
Name: Mike Balcombe
Tour_dates: 72
Message: I was there in like May-Oct72, when the Cav stood down, and we were assigned  to LTN as a security company for the Airfield's stand down. I'll be damned if I can remember the unit designation. But there were like 10 of us and a shitload on 'Yards that we trained for security.  Great people there. Wonder what ever happened to Atencio, Pletcher and Mahoney.
Rank: SP5
Status: US Army (Retired)

Guest Number 212 January 29, 2008
Email: fishwithskip@yahoo.com
Name: skip christofferson
Nick_Call: skip
Unit: 292nd finance
Tour_dates: 1/69--9/69
Message: finance clerk in vinhlong
Rank: sp5
Status: self employed

Guest Number 211 January 4, 2008
Email: amichaelevansjr@ca.rr.com
Name: A. Michael Evans, Jr.
Nick_Call: Sgt. Mai
Unit: 224th AVN BN RR
Tour_dates: 11/70 - 11/71
DMOS: 05C40
Message: Had a great tour, all at Long Thanh North. Thanks to my Dad getting me a job at TRW, Redondo Beach, CA, and obtaining a Secret clearance for my stint in the ASA.
My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives during this conflict. I was one of the blessed ones.
Loved the shows at the 210 Club, 146th AVN club and my frequent trips to Thai Firebase Bearcat for a little local "R&R" NOt to mention the wonderful "massages" on base and weekend trips to Vung Tau. MMM good.
Sgt. Mai
Rank: Sergeant
Status: V. P. Marketing and Flight Dept. Mgr.

Guest Number 210 January 1, 2008
Email: tumbleweed@eastex.net
Name: Larry V. Green
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: Dec. 70
DMOS: Dec.71
Message: Would enjoy hearing from anyone I served with at the CAC or anyone you loved flying the U-21 as much as I did.   Cheers
Rank: CWO 2
Status: Retired Continental Airline Pilot

guest book entries 2007

Guest Number 209 December 26, 2007
Email: ddarwina@bigpond.net.au
Name: Robert Brennan
Nick_Call: N/A
Unit: 135th AHC (EMU - Tiapans Sqd) Bearcat
Tour_dates: 1968/1969
Message: Good site; bought back many memories; was a frequent visitor to Long Thanh North -
Rank: Petty Officer (Aust) Staff Sergeant (US)
Status: Alderman Local Government

Guest Number 208 December 14, 2007
Email: lewmckee@earthlink.net
Name: Lewis McKee
Nick_Call: Mackie
Tour_dates: March 68 - March 70
DMOS: crew chief
Message: I spent my first 6 months at LTN and then a year and a half (less 45 days Leave)at the Tan Son Nhut MACV detachment. Periodically I would go back to LTN for a week or so. It was great duty. Remember pulling guard duty and trying to get in a tower and a guard dog running right at me. Remember being issued a .45 pistol and having it taken back within a few hours. Always had cash on hand for those weekend flights to Bangkok. Remember very few names but all the faces.
Rank: SP5
Status: CAD Designer In Danbury CT


Guest Number 207 December 9, 2007
Email: latch1225@cox.net
Name:  LatiolaisGreg
Nick_Call: Frenchy
Unit: 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: March 70 - Feb 71
Message:  Looking for buddies...Silvereagle I think I remember you my memory is very bad need some help.
Rank: SPC5
Status: Postal worker

Guest Number 206 December 8, 2007
Email: bugs007@comcast.net
Name: Robert Langston
Unit: Co. D. 92nd Engineers
Tour_dates: April 69-sept =nov 69
Message: looking for others who served with 92nd. Engineers.
 Remember the chopper pads and the guard dog handlers walking the perimeters when I did  a guard duty rotation near  one of the gates.
Rank: E-4
Status: on disability from liver transplant waiting on disability rating for PTSD

Guest Number 205 December 4, 2007
Email: wjoakley@comcast.net
Name: Bill Oakley
Nick_Call: Big Daddy
Unit: 54th
Tour_dates: 4-01-70  to 2-20-71
Message: Brings back memories, both good and not so good. Met some really great people through that experience. 
Rank: CWO
Status: Pilot   ABX AIR

Guest Number 204 November 24, 2007
Email: hhudson7740@charter.net
Name: SFC Howard Hudson, USA Ret
Unit: HHC 210th, YO-3A, Garrison Unit at Long Thanh
Tour_dates: 07-70 / 03-72
DMOS: 67B20
Message: Served in the message center with Jimmy Allison, Ron (Red) Morris and Jose Cardona.  After the 210th stood down, I worked with the YO3A Det with the 73rd SAC, After the YO3A Det stood down, I worked with CPT Bruce Shipley in the BOC until Jim and I returned to the world.
Rank: SP/4
Status: Retired Army - Security Supervisor at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon

Guest Number 203 November 9, 2007
Email: jandthines7208@sbcglobal.net
Name: joe hines
Nick_Call: himey
Unit: 146 avn co.
Tour_dates: feb 71 to sept 72
DMOS: 95b40
Message: im  looking for anyone who was  with the 146 during those times. im a dvv because of adgent orange, im looking forward to talking to any mp or 05hs, or any dog handlers, thanks god be with all
Rank: e-4
Status: retired california correctional officer

Guest Number 202 November 8, 2007
Name: Ed JAMES
Unit: 56th Trans co
Tour_dates: Sept 68 Aug 69
DMOS: 67N20
Message: crew chief recovery section,
Rank: sp5
Status: retired

Guest Number 201 November 5, 2007
Email: bowland1@msn.com
Name: Charlie Bowland
Unit: 212th MP Dog Handler
Tour_dates: 6/68 to 9/69
DMOS: 95B10D
Message: Spent the majority of my tour at LTN as a dog handler.  Often wonder what happen to allot of the civilians that worked on the base after Saigon fell.  Recently read a book called A Viet Cong Memoir.  Was a great read and mentioned Long Than.  The author was one of the founding members of the NLF, the political wing of the VC.  Both of his brothers fought on the side of the South Vietnamese and they were sent to and internment camp by the NVA at LTN.  This book gave a whole different perspective on the war.  Interestingly enough the author of this book had to flee to France, and is still living there today, with other boat people a year after Saigon fell. Seems like the NVA decided allot of the NLF had lost their usefulness.  Ironic isn,t it?  Great site. Thank You! 
Rank: Corporal
Status: Insurance Broker

Guest Number 200 October 25, 2007
Email: kg4ajk@aol.com
Name: Jerry Daugherty
Unit: 210th CAB,590th TAMC Panama SA
Tour_dates: 82-84
Message: I served long after most of you, but would like to say I have the utmost respect for each and all.
Rank: SP4
Status: Appliance technician for Sears

Guest Number 199 October 25, 2007
Email: rich20@charter.net
Name: Richard Phillps
Nick_Call: The Lone Anchovy
Unit: 210th CAB
Tour_dates: March 68' to March 69'
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Thanks to Mike Russell we have this great site for all of us to be able to connect. Thanks Dude you be the bomb! I sent Mike some photos I had, I am sure he will get around to posting them as time allows.
Looking for Jim Berry, Smitty, Charlie Drinkwater, and Little Brown. Also any information on the village of Long Thaun after the battle around Sept 11, 1968.
Hello Ellis, Hello Lincoln!
Rank: SP5
Status: I restore English Motorcycles
PS... I went to Australia on R&R with this guy!!! Mike

Guest Number 198 October 21, 2007
Email: garyb4747@yahoo.com
Name: Gary Berneathy
Nick_Call: Bernie
Unit: 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 0ct 67 - Oct 68
Message: Wanted to inform anyone who was at LTN that if you have cancer to check an Agent Orange website to see it is covered. I got diagnosed with  prostate cancer and had it removed in 1992, The VA rated me 100% disabled in 2003 because that is when I filed my claim. if it wasnt for a friend of mine I would have just assumed it was just something I got. Also you may be able to get Social Security Disablility as well. Wishing all of you well. Bernie
Rank: E-4
Status: Retired General Contractor

Guest Number 196 October 16, 2007
Email: kyeager@greennet.de
Name: Ken Yeager
Unit: 12th CAG, Long Binh
Tour_dates: Feb 68 - Feb 69
DMOS: 72B20
Message: Greetings and best wishes to all who made it home.  Ken Yeager
Rank: Sgt E-5
Status: Retired U.S. Diplomat

Guest Number 195 October 10, 2007
Email: rguaja4626@aol.com
Name: Raul Guajardo
Unit: 210 CAB - Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: Apr 69 - Mar 70
DMOS: 67G20
Message: It was nice to find this web site.  I have many picutes that I will scan and get ready to send.  Bob, you bring back so many memories. To my best buddy Gary Sargent from La Cross, Wisconsin and Vince Vento, it was great to recollect the great times at Long Thahn North. And that Castro from Hawaii. He called me Spic all the time and I would just call him Pineapple.  Great memories.
Rank: SP-4
Status: Forensic Scientist

Guest Number 194 October 8, 2007
Email: slanghofer@cornejocorp.com
Name: Sam Langhofer
Unit: 56th Trans. CO. (ADS) 765th Trans. Batl.
Tour_dates: March 68, to July 68
DMOS: 67B20
Message: We were at the SW end of the Airfield at Long Thanh North. like to hear from anyone there at that time.
Rank: SP4

Guest number 193 September 30, 2007
Email: nu4h@bellsouth.net
Name: paul e williams
Unit: 54th avn co
Tour_dates: 1968-1969
DMOS: 67b20
Message: work at big daddy can-tho tet of 1968.
Rank: sp/5
Status: retired law enforcement

Guest Number 192 September 27, 2007
Name: Dan D Longley
Nick_Call: Silvereagle
Unit: Hq 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Aug 69 to Aug 70
DMOS: 711A
Message: To all who read this website.  We are trying to come up with a list of people who were stationed at LTN AAF, regardless of unit, that would be interested in having a reunion.  I just attended a small reunion of former HHC and CAC members and we really had a great time.  So if you are interested, either contact me or the webmaster and we will work on something for as early as next year.  Already laying groundwork for a late 2009 reunion in Kona, Hawaii. 
Rank: CW2
Status: Retired US Army and enjoying the good life.

Guest Number 191 September 11, 2007
Email: brsimplot@charter.net
Tour_dates: SEP. 1967 TO SEP. 1968
DMOS: 67N20
Rank: SP4/SP5

Guest Number 190 August 7, 2007
Email: tvssar@aol.com
Name: Tom Sumpter
Nick_Call: Big Daddy
Unit: 54th Apln. Co.
Tour_dates: 1970
DMOS: 101C
Message: Nice web site, sorry I dont see more from the 54th.
Rank: CWO
Status: Pilot

Guest Number 189 August 4, 2007
Email: jesus_died_forme@yahoo.com
Nick_Call: SP5
Unit: 74TH RAC
Tour_dates: 3/1969-3/1970
DMOS: 67B20
Rank: SP5

Guest Number 188 22 July 2007
Email: papaletz@yahoo.com
Name: letz a miller
Unit: 54th uac
Tour_dates: nov 68 thru dec 69
Message: don't see anything on the 54th except an article
do you know how to get more info on it
Rank: sp5
Status: truck driver

Guest Number 187 July 22, 2007
Email: chuters@earthlink.net
Name: Jack Fitzgibbon
Unit: LTN - CAC
Tour_dates: 12/01/70 to 01/01/72
DMOS: 67H20
Message: Served With Command Aircraft Company at LTN first on permanent guard duty then on Flight Line as crew chief. Glad to finally see a website that recognized CAC and those who served.  Great job.
Rank: SP4
Status: Engineer with USA @ KSC, Fl

Guest Number 186 July 18, 2007
Email: manuel.matos@us.army.mil
Name: Manny J. Matos
Nick_Call: Manny
Unit: 114th CASA & 590th TAMC 210th CAB (Panama)
Tour_dates: 1980 - 1984
DMOS: 68D20
Rank: SGT
Status: Aircraft Mechanic With DynCorp Intl.

Guest Number 185 June 11, 2007
Email: jaymsgold@yahoo.com
Name: Jay Warshauer
Unit: 56th Transportation Company
Tour_dates: 1969-1970
DMOS: 68B20
Message: I was in the engine shop, and on flight status. I flew test flights for companies in Long Thanh North and Bearcat. Is there anyone from the 56th out there?
Rank: E-5
Status: Jeweler

Guest Number 184 May 31, 2007
Email: JERupp48@aol.com
Name: James E. Rupp
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 6/69 to 6/70
Message:  Was Asigned to CAC from 6/69  to  Oct/69 at Long Thanh then transferred to Long Binh HHC until 6/70.
Rank: E-4
Status: Law Enforcement (ret)

Guest Number 183 May 30, 2007
Email: tome@msu.edu
Name: Tom Ellis
Unit: 210 CAB
Tour_dates: 02/68 to 03/69
Rank: SP 5
Status: Retired - Michigan State University

Guest Number 182 May 1, 2007
Email: gandksimpson@aol.com
Name: George Simspon
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: Feb 1970 to Feb 1971
Message: Hello,
To everyone who were at LTN and Siagon. I would love to hear from any of you guys whom served with. It would be an honor to talk to you.
Best Wishes and good health,
Rank: Cpt
Status: Self Employed-Memphis, TN.

Guest Number 181 May 1, 2007
Email: georgekrejci@sbcglobal.net
Name: George Krejci
Nick_Call: George
Unit: 73rd Aviation Company
Tour_dates: 06/1966 to 06/1968
DMOS: 71B20
Message: Served 2 years in the 73rd Avn. Co. before it
was transferred to Long Thanh North.  Additional
pictures of the 73rd are here:
Originally I was trained for MOS 68B20 but
somehow ended up as 73rd Company Clerk (71B20).
Rank: SP5 E5
Status: Retired

Guest Number 180 April 25, 2007 Welcome back....
Email: dano36@swbell.net
Name: Dan D Longley
Nick_Call: Silvereagle
Unit: HHC 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Aug69-Aug70
DMOS: 711A
Message: Haven't put much on here lately but I want to say that I hope to see many of you at the reunion in September.  I definitely will be there.  Its been almost 37 years ago but I still have some pretty vivid memories of LTN.  Great unit...Great People.
Rank: CW2
Status: Living the good life - retired.

Guest Number 179 March 11, 2007
Email: lstading@raesystems.com
Name: Lloyd Stading Jr.
Message: Looking for someone that knew my father.

Guest Number 178 March 2, 2007
Email: hannums@comcast.net
Name: Paul Hannum
Unit: 184th Recon. Air. Co.
Tour_dates: 1969-1970
DMOS: 67B20
Message: I am looking for Tom Kashner. Tom and I served together on Tower 7, (Tango 7) one of the 60 footers in 1970. Also looking for John Alcomovich. After leaving Nam, I spent 6 months in Okinawa, then the last 2 years of my enlistment with the 82nd at Ft. Bragg,and Command Aviation at Ft. Benning. Currently an electrical contractor in Seattle, Tacoma area.
Rank: SP/5

Guest Number 177 February 23, 2007
Email: charlesgreen4@verizon.net
Name: Charles Green
Unit: 244th & 73rd
Tour_dates: 1970-1972
Message: Started with the 244th early 70 and assigned to the Security Platoon until a replacement came in to releave me.  Company started to stand down and no replacement came.  Transfer to the 73rd and worked in the Orderly Room. 
Rank: SP4
Status: Retired Realtor (30 years)

Guest Number 176 January 24, 2007
Email: ranger0912@comcast.net
Name: Jerry O'Connor
Unit: 184th RAC Nonstop
Tour_dates: 69-70
DMOS: 31B40
Message: Ended up in 184th after First Division redeployed in early 70. Spent my final months in country as Commo Chief for the O1 Bird Dog unit at Phu Loi. Your site brings back a lot of memories. Keep up the great work
Rank: SSG E-6
Status: Director of Market Regulation, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Guest Number 175 January 21, 2007
Email: gsipple@jepistons.com
Name: Greg Sipple
Unit: 210th hhc
Tour_dates: 67 to 69
Message: Looking for Gerald Fanelli, anyone here(hear) from him
Rank: E5
Status: Tech Advisor to Nextel Cup Cars For JE Pistons

Guest Number 174 January 19, 2007
Email: psr_1945@hotmail.com
Name: Ronald
Nick_Call: Frenchy
Unit: Rushinal
Tour_dates: 1967-1969
DMOS: 67N20
Message: Was looking up my records for the VA., and it brought back old memories. Remembered some of the boys I was with over there. Philip Calahan, Steve Bergin, Steve Miller, Joe Apollo, Joe Glynn, First Sgt. Gary Henderson, Capt. Gall, and Capt. Alden. Would sure like to hear from you guys.
Rank: Spec. 4
Status: Mechanic for the state of Maine 38 yrs.

guest book entries 2006

Guest Number 173 Dec 30, 2006
Email: pfaber5230@charter.net
Name: Peter Faber
Unit: MACV Detachment, Siagon
Tour_dates: 10/68-10/69
DMOS: Pilot
Message: Just stumbled on the site. Well done. A lot of memories came back.
I remember my tour with a good deal of fondness. May sound strange, but as a Inf platoon leader in 65-66, CAC was heaven. Got rifed in 72 and joined the Guard. Couldn't make MAJ so became a CW-2.  Retired as a CW-4 in 2002; still a "bus driver", but in the C-12.
36 years flying in the Army isn't a bad draw!
Rank: CPT

Guest Number 172 Dec 29, 2006
Email: dick.hangas@faa.gov
Name: Dick Hangas
Unit: 210th
Tour_dates: 68/69
DMOS: 67G30
Rank: sp6
Status: electronics tech FAA

Guest Number 171 Dec 8, 2006
Email: walsans@aol.com
Name: walt schlaupitz
Nick_Call: grunt
Unit: B co .9th inf.div,9th avn
Tour_dates: jan68 to dec68
DMOS: 67c20
Message: my self and chuck crain crewed two u6 beavers for 9th avn. we were there from jan,68 till sept 68 thenwe were moved to the delta.I remember frye,lynch and some others.this site brought back many memories.ihave many pictures of the 210th group.I live in canton ohio.
Rank: sp5
Status: retired  from hoover sweeper co

Guest Number 170 November 22, 2006
Email: rdennard59@msn.com
Name: Richard L. Dennard
Nick_Call: Peaches
Unit: 210th HHC CAB
Tour_dates: Mar 69 to Oct 70
DMOS: 71H30
Message: I worked in various positions in HQ personnel beginning with SGT Newton and CWO Wascher, then later for CWO Dan D Longley. While working for CWO Longley, I became the Personnel SGT in late 69 until I left country in Oct 70. I also worked as a M/A in the enlisted man club. Great Memories.
Rank: SGT/SP5
Status: Own my own Business after working for Corporate America in textiles for 37 years.

Guest Number 169 Nov 17, 2006
Email: ladava@austarnet.com.au
Name: Rob Hornsby
Unit: RAN HMAS Vendetta
Tour_dates: 1969-70
Message: A great site brought back a lot of memories many thanks .
Cheers ROBH
Rank: Petty Officer Medic
Status: Retired

Guest Number 168 October 31, 2006
Email: donden@hamilton.net
Name: Dennis Awtry
Nick_Call: Gene
Unit: HHC 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Sep 67 - Aug 68
Message: I got to Vietnam on orders for the 4th Inf.Div. at Pleiku but my brother was a member of the 125th ATC so I was reasigned at Long Beinh and joined the 210th while it was still in the old French Quarters at Ton su Nhuit. Did a lot,alot of sandbagging at Long Thaung North. The pictures I'm seeing on the web site look much more civilized than I remember the ole/new camp. I was sent to the 25th Evac Hosp. at Long Bein in late Aug. 68 with Hepatitis. From there I hit two more Hospitals and was discharged as a patient and from the Army on Nov.14, 1968. Anybody know where Sgt. John Martinez is or what happened to him?
Rank: Spec 5
Status: Teacher

Guest Number 167
Email: jking3@tampabay.rr.com
Name: john king
Unit: 210 HHC
Tour_dates: January-Dec 3,  1970
DMOS: 70A10 and 11b
Message: Hey I get recognition from other vets when I wear a hat with my 1ST Aviation patch when I go to the VA hospital in Tampa.  I get a kick out of this and even met a guy who was at the SF camp close to Bearcat.  There are a few out there who remember the eagle on the sword.
Rank: e-3
Status: Retired postal worker

Guest Number 166 July 26, 2006
Email: dekemosher@hotmail.com
Name: Dayton Mosher
Unit: 56th Trans Co.
Tour_dates: July 69 to Oct 70
Message: I too never could get used to the call sign "good nature". Worked in the the prop and rotor shop until Dec 69 and transfered to the Recovery section as a crew chief on ship # 381. Sure enjoyed flying vs working in the shop. It was the best and worst of times. Sure would like to hear from anyone who was in the 56th at Long Thang North. Is Mike Meyer out there?
Rank: Sp 5
Status: Retired USAR/ Active FAA Intern. Field Inspector (Germany)

Guest Number 165 July 15, 2006
Email: t69ssrs@sbcglobal.net
Name: terry  powell
Unit: 25th  Aviation Company corps.
Tour_dates: 1969 to 1970
DMOS: 67v20
Message: thanks for careing.
Rank: e-3
Status: a/p

Guest Number 165
My dad was the battalion commander of the 210th CAB in 69, and I was curious if you recall him.  William (Bill) F. Williams… I believe he would have been a Lt. Col at the time.  He died in 2000 and I am just doing some digging around on the internet… 
David Williams


Guest Number 163 2April2006
Email: medlenm@earthlink.net
Name: Michael K. Medlen
Nick_Call: NON-STOP 14
Unit: 184th RAC
Tour_dates: Aug 68-Aug 69
Message: Great web site. I enjoyed reading about the 210th and other units. Go to WWW.ArmyAv.org. and see all of the Viet Nam era aircraft still flying. We conduct a Viet Nam re-enactment of gunships, OH-6, UH-1s, CV7, OV-1 and my favorite L-19 at airshows across the eastern part of the country... Check us out.
Rank: Cpt
Status: Retired Army, Retired Civil Service now an active member of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation


Guest Number 162 1April06
Email: jking3@tampabay.rr.com
Name: john king
Unit: 210 HHC
Tour_dates: January-Dec 3,  1970
DMOS: 70A10
Message: I never worked my MOS either but spent many a day building bunkers, stringing wire, and filing sand bags.  I did go out with the Civic Action group on our little missions to win hearts and minds to local vills.  Every time we got off the main road I believed we were going to be ambused. We got to some littl village just after the VC had blown up the school.  The local civilian defense people were terrified. It was nerve wracking and we all wanted to get the heck out of their as fast as we could get the supplies unloaded. I volunteered to fly but I failed the flight physical since my eyes were too bad. It was a long and boring tour and I have to say I don't miss it except some of the people I met.
Rank: Various
Status: Disabled Vet

Guest Number 161 March 5, 2006
Email: seagal67@juno.com
Name: perry rule
Unit: 210th CBTAVN BN HHC
Tour_dates: March 67 - March 68
DMOS: 35k
Message: I was part of 2nd wave sent to Long Thanh North to build all the hootches, lay the cement floors, and fill the sand bags. Never worked my mos cause civilians did it for alot more money. Was there with Gaby, Phil Robinson, Goldston, Moore, and the list goes on and on. Too bad we all can't get a reunion together before we are all gone for good.
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired Verizon Installer/Repairman

Guest Number 160 March 5, 2006
Email: asmith4392@aol.com
Name: Alan Smith, LTC, Ret
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: Feb 68 to Feb 69 & 1971
Message: I was a pilot in the USARV Flt Det/CAC most of '68 in the Saigon crew and at Long Thahn North all of '71.  I was Safety Off and IP in '71.
How can I upload several pictures tat I think folks will enjoy?
Rank: 1Lt/Cpt
Status: Sr VP, Morgan Stanley

Guest Number 159 January 3, 2006
Email: aborawsk@twcny.rr.com
Name: Ron Tallman
Nick_Call: Tully
Unit: 146th Avn Co (RR)
Tour_dates: DEc 67/Sept 69
DMOS: 76Y30
Message: Just stumbled on this sight. The 146th was at TSN when I was there. We had some people at LTN building barracks though. Seemed to be where they sent people to punish them. I was supply spec for 146th, and then armorer.
Great Site!!
Rank: sp/4
Status: machinist

guest book entries 2005

Guest Number 158 Oct 30, 2005
Email: edwin.roberts@sbcglobal.net
Name: Edwin Roberts
Nick_Call: Blackjack 15
Unit: 12th Aviation Group, HHC
Tour_dates: May 71 to March 72
DMOS: 71P20
Message: Work in A.A.E. on Plantation (Long Binh).  Went to Tay Ninh from Oct 71 to Dec 71 as Airfield Coordinator for 12th Group Forward Command.
Rank: Sp4
Status: Electronics Tech

Guest Number 157 Oct 15, 2005
Email: riggs_la@yahoo.com
Name: Lynn Riggs
Nick_Call: Aloft 50/2/27
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: Feb 69 - Feb70
DMOS: Pilot
Message: I was at Phu Loi Feb 69 to Sep 69 and the at Xuan Loc Oct 69 - Feb 70.
Rank: CPT

Guest Number 156 October 9, 2005
Email: sprngh2o@aol.com
Name: Greg Holster
Unit: 212th MP sentry dogs
Tour_dates: summer/fall 1968
DMOS: 95Bd
Message: Hi Guys....Walked my german shepherd at night around the Long Thanh North perimeter and the flight line....Seems like yesterday....I remember the PX was at Bear Cat....Long Thanh didn't have much ...Life is good
Rank: Sp4

Guest number 155 September 23, 2005
Email: mikesflowers@hotmail.com
Name: mike putnam
Unit: 210TH HHC
Tour_dates: NOV 67 to NOV 68
Message: Hello 
I served in the personnel along with Chkuck,Kelly,
Wolfe, Kayton,Joe Sideria whom I am tryin to find
him.If anyone knows his where abouts I would appreciate you letting me know. I kept records for several companies.I would like to know if any one remembers the firefight on Sunday Sep. 25 I believe that was the date. It got pretty scary
I am looking forward to the renunion and plannig on going if possible. Just want to say thanks to all the friends that I had over there and sure would like to see you all.
                         From N.C.    

Guest Number 154 September 20, 2005
Email: jparsons@petersrobertson.com
Name: John Parsons
Nick_Call:  Rick
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: Jan 69 to Jan 70
DMOS: 1980
Rank: 1lt/Cpt
Status: Attorney. Retired from Army   Reserve in 1998.

Guest Number 153 September 19, 2005
Email: duke145266@aol.com
Name: john wagner
Nick_Call: daddywags
Unit: 84th engr bn
Tour_dates: june 70-may 71
Message: Looking for Rolland "Ron" Hutchinson from 1st Avn Danang, also serveded at NYC AFFEES 1971 was from Harrisburg PA I think
Rank: sp5
Status: bartender

Guest Number 152 September 8, 2005
Email: AJDUBOIS2@netzero.net  
Name: andrew DuBois
Nick_Call: DuBois
Unit: 73rd SAC
Tour_dates: feb 70 to march 71
Message: Helped move co from vung tau to long thanh north.what a mess! worked in hanger nights, best bud was Phil Dziepec. remember eating c-rations for a month because mess hall was shut down! remember morter attack while we wa checking out our weapons for a practice allert! Was sent to the 147th TDY for the latter part of my tour! Any one remember me please E-mail
Rank: Spec 4
Status: head lift mechanic for JCP at lenexa Ks

Guest Number 151 August 29, 2005
Email: jsudds@dart.org
Name: John Sudds
Unit: 73RD, 117th A.H.C., 195th A.H.C.
Tour_dates: 5/01/68 to4/21/70
DMOS: 68E20
Message: Hello, anyone
Rank: SP5
Status: Civil Engineer-Dallas, Texas

Guest Number 150 April 10, 2005
Email: william.merritt@ssvecnet.com
Name: William (Bill) Merritt
Nick_Call: Aloft 10
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: Feb 70 - Feb 71
Rank: 1LT - CPT
Status: Senior Test Engineer on Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems

Guest Number 149 July 23, 2005
Email: joebyjoe2000@yhoo.com
Name: joe lamping
Nick_Call: joe\pigpin
Unit: 210th /74thrac 67to69   21strac /220rac / 62nd assault helicopter company 71/72
Tour_dates: 67/69  and71/72
DMOS: 67g20 67b20 67n20
Message: hi there was in the 210th cab and 74th rac67/69
was in 21st rac ; 22th rac ; 62nd assault helicopter 71/72
Rank: sp5
Status: working man

Guest Number 148 7June2005
Email: gdekavallas@metlife.com
Nick_Call: GUS
Unit: 210TH
Tour_dates: 68 - 69
DMOS: 52B30
Rank: SPEC5

Guest Number 147  25May2005
Email: Mikelcaylor@aol.com  
Name: Mike Caylor
Unit: 74th Recon Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 1969 to 1970
DMOS: 67b20
Message: I worked on Rock's Dock for about 8 mo. then moved to the flight line for about 4 mo. I would like to hear from some of the guys that I served with in the 74th at Phu Loi
Rank: Sp/5
Status: Electrical Contractor in Dallas Texas


Guest Number 146 14May05
Email: bcuz@alltel.net  
Name: Presley Cousins
Nick_Call: Cuz
Unit: 146th Avn Co RR
Tour_dates: apr69/nov70
DMOS: 67b/67g
Rank: E-5
Status: School bus driver/itenerant Preacher

Guest Number 145 9May05
Email: dbeau04620@aol.com
Name: Dennis K. Beauvais
Unit: 224th Avn Bn (RR); 144th Avn Co (Nha Trang)
Tour_dates: 8/1967-6/1969
DMOS: 05H20
Message: Just a "HI" from one 'Nam vet to others in CAG and RR units. With the 144th we had RU-8 and just went to RU-21's when I departed. My brother was with the 164th AHC in Can Tho in Choppers (The Vultures). To all the pilots and co-pilots, thanks for keeping us safe on our missions and having us make it back home. Prior to 144th, was with 509th (RR), 303rd and 8th RRFS in Phu Bai.
Rank: E-5
Status: Retired DOD Law Enforcement Officer with twenty two years with the Fed's, eight years with a police department north of Chicago.


Guest Number 144 25Apr05
Email: gntheriaul@adelphia.net
Name: norman theriault
Unit: 352nd Trans. Co.
Tour_dates: Jan. '68-Jan. '69
Message: Looking for anyone who served in 1968 out of Long Binh, or who might have been with the 352nd. at Ft. Carson, Co. in the few months prior to deployment to RVN...my ETS was out of Ft. Sam Houston, Texas in Feb. 1970...I was with Hq. Co. BAMC at that time.....
Rank: Spec 4

Guest Number 143 29Apr05
Email: richard-47_47@hotmail.com  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: richard simpkins
Nick_Call: hillbilly or droop
Unit: command aircraft company
Tour_dates: 1969 to 1970
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Would like to hear fron anyone that was at long thanh north in 1969 to 1970. On the flight line. I was crewchief on U21.
Rank: sp5
Status: retired heavy equipment mechanic


Guest Number 142 11Feb05
Email: kurtkopplin@tds.net   email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Kurt Kopplin
Unit: 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: December 7, 1067 to February 20, 196
DMOS: 71B30
Message: Dear Mike,
Enjoy your website.  I was turned onto it by Gary Berneathy.  I worked in the S3 office as an operations clerk.  I remember and think you were in my hootch as well.  Remember Lan the housegirl?  I also think you played SGT.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Jefferson Airplane but correct me if I'm wrong.
Anyhow great site.  I haven't explored all of it yet but I applaud your efforts.
Best wishes to you.
Kurt Kopplin
Rank: SP5
Status: Sales Representative and City Councilman (damned politician!)


Guest Number 141 19Jan05
Email: bweb310@yahoo.com
Name: Bob Webster
Unit: 5th weather sq.
Tour_dates: 71-72
Message: Was with the USAF...one of the weather guys. We had the only flush toilet on the base! We also had the snake cage (3 boas..use to feed them chickens from the village) up near the base operations building. Alot of guys came up to have their pictures taken with the snakes. good memories.
Rank: SSGT
Status: Meteorologist   National Weather Service

Guest Number 140 19Jan05
Email: mark-swanson@sbcglobal.net
Name: Mark Swanson
Unit: Command Aircraft Company
Tour_dates: 69-70
DMOS: 67G20
Message: I worked as crew chief on U-21s.  Remember Simpkins ? (Droop-along).  Anyone hear from Jim Shellaberger or Tompkins?  I roomed with Bob George - a little bit crazy.  Did he ever get his Harley and ride in "wider and wider circles from home." Great pics and website.  Someone should post a pic of Rosie's Place at Bearcat.
Rank: SP-5
Status: Toxicologist with petrochemical company

guest book entries 2004

Guest Number 139
Email: thomasgroup@aptalaska.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: William "Bill" Thomas Jr.
Nick_Call: Bear and Eskimo
Unit: 210th CAC
Tour_dates: Jan-Nov 68
DMOS: 67N20
Message: Just an update with my career, I've been elected to the Alaska State House Legislature, November 04, will start my new job and career Jan 10th 05. Term is 2 years, thanks to Bob Barton who was in Vietnam when I was with helping me with my election. Ran as a Republican.
Rank: E-4
Status: commercial fisherman and soon Legislater > >

Guest Number 138
Email: rputerbaugh@cableone.net 
Name: Bob Puterbaugh
Unit: "D" Co 92nd Engeneers
Tour_dates: Jan68-jun69
Message: Nice site was at Long THann also but was Construction Unit,did like Long Thann better then Long Bien.Use to haul a lot of old lumber to the Orpahage,had a few meals with the Monks there. > > WELCOME HOME bOB
Rank: PFC-SP/4
Status: Owner Operator Trucking

Guest Number 137 11Nov04
Email: jchodgdon@adelphia.net
Name: Jeff Hodgdon
Unit: 184th
Tour_dates: Mar 69 - Oct 70
Message: Took care of feeding some of you guys in the 184th,way back when! Moved over to the 74th when we stood down in  Phu Loi. Another lifetime! Not much info on the 184th out there.
Rank: Sp/5
Status: CW4 ,  ARNG, Supply Management Officer

Guest Number 136  7Oct04
Email: lcharbeneau@aol.com
Name: Leonard Charbeneau
Unit: 74 th Recon Airplane Company
Tour_dates: April 69 to April 70
DMOS: 67B20
Message: I was a crew chief and company armorer flew alot with some great guys, would love to hear from any one who remembers me.
Rank: PFC- E-5
Status: Semi retired

Guest Number 135 12SEP04
Email: gkiger2000@yahoo.com
Name: Glenn Kiger
Unit: 221st (shotgun)
Tour_dates: Sept. 70-Oct. 71
Message: Have been trying to find some of the guys who served with me. I was a mechanic on the bird dogs.
Rank: Sp4
Status: Retired electric lineman( high lines) and water plant

Guest Number 134 2SEP04
Email: sugardaddyjm@comcast.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: John M. Moore
Unit: 210th Cab
Tour_dates: 6/67 to 1/69
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Worked flt line at Ton Son Nhut U-6/U-8/U-21 Survived bad boys
exile to LTN from gulf row.
Hooked up with several former members at HAAF later. In 1994 saw then
80yr old Gen. Westmoreland Retired when he visited the Embassy at
Ulaanbaatar. He appeared in good health at that time. ETD 1/77 Sfc. Retired 6/97 Dept
of State, foreign service
Rank: SP5
Status: Dir. Maint.  Rehab & Spec.

Guest Number 133 6August2004
Email: Jking3@tampabay.rr.com
Name: John king
Unit: 210Th HHC
Tour_dates: Jan-Dec 1970
DMOS: 70a10
Message: I just got service-connected for Agent Orange Diabetes. All you guys out there should take the VA Agent Orange Registry Exam. It is free and comphrehesive. You might be surprised with what they find.
Rank: Changeable
Status: 100% Disabled Vet

Guest Number 132 6August2004
Email: rclark10@maine.rr.com 
email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Richard Clark
Nick_Call: "choke"
Unit: 210 CAB
Tour_dates: 10/70-10/71
DMOS: 71P20
Message: Was at Long thanh north as an 18 year old kid. I first worked at S-2 and then was a PLL guy for the motor pool. Some of the guys I knew there: Larry Colflesh (flase), we went to Bangkok on r&r together, Chacon, Moran, Indian and many more. My life took a big, big turn in March, 1978 in Phoniex Arizona. God took a drug abusing and wandering soul and gave me a new life in Christ. I hope all my brothers in Nam and we were (are) brothers are doing well and please seek after the only hope for mankind,Jesus. He cares and loves. He will forgive any sin and since 1978, I live a peaceful life in Him. God Bless
Rank: E-4
Status: mental health worker

Guest Number 131 3Aug04
Email: n1422l@verizon.net 
email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Rob Tommasone
Nick_Call: Hawk
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 2/72 - 6/72
DMOS: 1980
Message: Hello to all the guys from Long Trip

Guest Number 130 26Jul04
Email: JPKatosh@hotmail.com 
Nick_Call: Aloft 33 / Aloft 44
Unit: 74th RAC -  Phu Loi and Cu Chi
Tour_dates: 9/70 to 2/72
Message: GREETINGS and Good Luck to all!!
Rank: 1Lt / Cpt
Status: Self-employed  -- Market Research Consultant

Guest number 129 10May04
Phil had lots to say but only in an email so email him and say hi
Phil Dickeyemail addy no good 15Oct05

Guest Number 128 8April04
Email: kwshelden@bright.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Ken Shelden
Unit: 184th Airplane Recon Company
Tour_dates: 1968/1969
Message: I served with the 184th Airplane Recon Company in Phu Loi from 1968 to 1969.  I in charge of the sheet metal and prop shop for this Bird Dog recon unit.  Would really love to hear from anyone that served with my unit in Nam.
Ken Shelden
Rank: SP5
Status: Network Administrator

Guest Number 127 3April2004
Email: JimmyMcH@aol.com
Name: James M. McHenry
Nick_Call: Mac
Unit: HHD, 210th Aviation Battalion, 193rd Infantry Brigade (Canal Zone)
Tour_dates: Apr 74 - Apr 76
DMOS: 71P20 (Flight Operations)
Message: To all the members of the 210th Aviation Battalion from Apr 74 - Apr 76 (HHD, 210th, 114th Avn Co, 352nd Avn Det,590th Maint Co). I'm proud to have served with these men during the Disaster Relief Work we did in Honduras, after Hurricane Fifi devastated the northern coast. For our efforts we were named the Army's Aviation United of the Year for 1974. I'm disappointed that their is no accord of this in the units histroy.
Rank: SGT/ E-5
Status: Building Engineer, Gloucester County, NJ

Guest Number 126 1April2004
Email: T4R3@adelphia.net
Name: Gary Berneathy
Nick_Call: Bernie
Unit: HHC 210TH CAB
Tour_dates: 0ct 67 to 0ct 68
Message: I just ran across this site, what a trip down memory lane, I worked in S-3 along with Kopplin and Cornell in S-2 with Sargent LaFollette. Would like to hear from Bruce Carlson, Kurt Kopplin, Ray Huff, Clifton Philips, Gus Dekavallas, John Cornell or anyone else who was stationed there during this time, also would like to see more photos, X wife threw mine away. anyway thank you for this site it really helps.
Rank: E-4
Status: Retired Contractor Upland, Ca.

Guest Number 125 5Mar04
Email: jayw119@yahoo.com  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Jay Warshauer
Unit: 56th Tran Co.
Tour_dates: Sept 69-Sept 70
Message: I never got over our call sign,Good nature. Just dosn't fit. 2 guys I worked with Lear and Cartwright. 19 yrs old, want to fly test fights, sure why not. Engine shop,and on flight status.
Rank: SP5
Status: Jeweler, Store owner

Guest Number 124 27Feb04
Email: rwlanders@aol.com
Name: Bob Landers
Nick_Call: ALOFT 15
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: 66/67

Guest Number 123 25Feb04
Email: luislguz@msn.com
Unit: 590th TAMC, Howard Air Force Base, Panama, Rep of Panama
Tour_dates: May 82-May 86
DMOS: 68D30
Message: To all those who served with the 210th CAB, 590th TAMC "Battle Line The Sky" in the Republic of Panama, Panama want to wish you and your love ones well, will like to hear from you. The "Blue Goose" still rides on.
Rank: SSG/E6
Status: On full disability since 1994.

Guest Number 122  21Feb04
Email: shepstan@hotmail.com
Nick_Call: SHEP
Unit: 56 TRANS CO.
Tour_dates: 1970-1972
DMOS: 35M20
Rank: SP/4
Status: NA

Guest 121 16Feb04 
Email: wkrabbenhoft@aol.com
Name: Wayne Krabbenhoft, Jr.
Unit: 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 02/68 - 02/69
DMOS: 71H20
Message: Hi,
Just found your website and wanted to register for any updates. My name on the roster is listed as Kransenhoft, Wayne. It should read Krabbenhoft, Wayne and my Service Number is US54928107.  I saw Rich Richerdson's Pictures and we served together.  I have several pictures if anyone is interested.
Rank: E5
Status: IBM Retired

guest book entries 2003

Guest Number 121 28Dec03
Email: k.olney2@cox.net
Name: kurt olney
Nick_Call: crewchief 007
Unit: yo-3a    220th and 73rd
Tour_dates: 70-71
Message: YO-3A wants you!  I have been able to locate pilots, crewmen, mechanics for reunion.  Please contact me at k.olney2@cox.net and join us. We also need pictures and history for our web site. plane 007 is being restored to flying condition at Cable Airport, Upland California.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  kurt 
Rank: sp/4
Status: landscape contractor, san diego county

Guest Number 120 18Dec03
Email: Oldindianrider@aol.com
Name: Steve Burke
Unit: 146th Aviation Co. RR
Tour_dates: Feb. 8, 1967 to Feb. 8, 1968
DMOS: 63B20
Message: Served as truck mechanic in 146th. at Davis Station , Tan Son Nhut.  We built that motorpool out of "donated" lumber with out hands and sweat.
>From Maj. Weaver on down, my best to you.  Carl Wall, Henry Derenski, Sgt. Campbell, WO Martinez, and Sgt. Maj. "Get a haircut, boy" Clack!" Dusty, are you still playing the Bryds music?
Rank: Sp/4
Status: Chief of Police, Penndel, PA 19047

Guest Number 119 24Nov03
Email: elr3@cooke.net
Name: Earl L.  (Rusty) Russell
Nick_Call: Aloft 10
Unit: 74th Reconnaissance Airplane Co.
Tour_dates: Oct 67 - Oct 68
DMOS: 1980- Aviator
Message: I was with the 1st Platoon, 74th RAC (Aloft)  at Lam Son when the 74th was transfered from the 145th CAB to the 210th. Spent a few months up at Hon Quan (An Loc).Crew Chief was SP4 Roberts. Was in on the whole Tet Offensive in Feb- March '68. I am maintaining a site for the 74th RAC at          http://www.aloft74th.org  
Rank: 1LT - CPT
Status: Stock & Bond Broker

Guest Number# 118 9Nov03
Email: cbolmsted@comcast.net
Name: clark olmsted
Unit: 74th Avn Co      Lam San
Tour_dates: Apr69--OCT 70
Message: Platoon Leader for the first year was Capt. Dean. I have a lot of slides of vietnam.
Rank: E-3-----E-5
Status: Mail Handler USPS

Guest # 117  30Oct03
Email: dwalsh@wyoming.com  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Denis Walsh
Unit: 184 Recon Airplane Co. - Phu Loi
Tour_dates: July 69-July 70
Message: I worked on the O-1 Birddogs in the radio shack-
I flew back seater at night over Saigon looking for outgoing. Chris Valerio was an O-1 mechanic.  Good friend.  I now wish I had labeled my pictures with our names.  Thanks for this site. 
Rank: sp4
Status: Respiratory Therapist

Guest Number 116 10Sep03
email addy no good 15Oct05
Email: ajdubois2@aol.com  
Name: andrewdubois
Unit: 73rdsac
Tour_dates: feb70tomarch71
Rank: spec4

Guest Number 115 4Sep03
Email: jking3@tampabay.rr.com
Name: John King
Unit: 210 HHC 1st Aviation Brigade
Tour_dates: Jan 1970-Dec 1970
DMOS: clerk
Message: Hi all
      Does anyone remember William Wilder or Lloyd Sills or Bill Hall. We knew each other at Long Thanh North. I pulled so much guard duty with some of these guys. I have talked to Bill Hall. I left in December 1970. I can't believe it has been 33 years. I am an old fart now.
Message: I was in Long Thanh in 1970. I pulled a lot of guard duty and built bunkers. I was also on a civic action team trying to win hearts and minds.
Rank: E-3
Status: Disabled Vet 100%

Guest Number 114 7Jul03
Email: wns@webbox.com  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Bill Sears
Unit: 146th Avn Co (RR)
Tour_dates: Jul 66 -Jul 67
DMOS: pilot
Rank: 1st Lt
Status: Airline trade association in Washington DC

Guest Number 113  6Jul03
Email: rholt@erols.com
Name: Rick Holt
Unit: 2nd Signal Group Aviation Detachment
Tour_dates: 1971
DMOS: 501c3, radio relay operator
Message: Just thought I'd say hi and thanks for the links and pics. Here are a couple sites you might find interesting:
Rank: e-4
Status: Park Superintendent

Guest Number 112 25Jun03
Email: rollie@62ndcac.info
Name: Rollie Hubbard
Nick_Call: none
Unit: 62nd Avn Co (Corps) THE ROYAL COACHMEN
Tour_dates: 02/70-12/70
DMOS: 76A10
Message:  Great site keep up the work, I feel that we need to make these sites so the people out there will never forget what we did.  I will return often to see how your doing.
Rank: Sp/4
Status: Retired US Army 1991, E-7

Guest Number 111 13Jun03
Email: invisionit@cox.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Ed Arthur
Unit: 220th.RAC, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 68/69
DMOS: 67C20
Message: It was so great to hook up with you again, Mike! Still looking for Wydra and Purcell.
God is good!
Shipped home a key of Thai weed ($20)in my hold baggage. Threw it all away when the Lord Jesus got ahold of my sorry butt.
It's real!
Rank: SP5 (down to 4 after they found the pot!
Status: Owner of Invision Finishing http://www.invisionit.com/

Guest Number 110  4Jun03
Email:  r18630tr@epix.net
Name: Russ Truesdale
Nick_Call: Rusty
Unit: HHC 210TH
Tour_dates: Feb 71 / Jan 72
Message: Great place found 2 buds already. Stayed in long thanh after the 210th stood down. worked in pol, bunker guard and lots of other stuff. I dont think i ever got a chance to thank that pilot who took me to the medics after a valve broke on the avgas and i got a face full shoving the cap back on the hose.
Rank: SP/4
Status: highway construction

Guest Number 109  28May03
Email: Lcoxisu@aol.com
Name: Larry Cox
Unit: HHC 1st Aviation Brigade
Tour_dates: 6/69-6/70
Message: Just dropped in to tour your site.  Enjoyed it.  Drop by mine sometime.  http://www.1stavn.com
Rank: SP5
Status: Still workin'

Guest #108 21May2003
Email: steve_anglin@yahoo.com
Name: Steve Anglin
Nick_Call: Aloft 19
Unit: 74th Recon Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 71-72
DMOS: 2/72
Message: Was stationed at Phu Loi and Cu Chi - Still spending half my money on whiskey and women and wasting the rest
Rank: WO-1
Status: Crop Duster - Flight Instructor

Guest # 107 15May2003
Email: sfchud@frontiernet.net
Name: Howard C. Hudson
Unit: HHC 210th, YO-3A, Garrison unit at Long Thanh
Tour_dates: 07-70 / 03-72
DMOS: 67B10
Message: Served in the message center with Jimmy Allison, Ron (Red) Morris and Jose Cardona.  After the 210th stood down, I worked with the YO-YO Det with the 73rd SAC, After the YO-YO Det stood down, I worked with CPT Bruce Shipley in the BOC until Jim and I returned to the world.
Rank: SP4
Status: Retired Army - Security Supervisor at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon

Guest # 106
Email: honksa@charter.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Jim
Nick_Call: Indian (Nonstop 38)
Unit: HHC 210 CAB (Previously 184th RAC)
Tour_dates: Jul 3, 68 - Jul 3 69
DMOS: Pilot/S3
Message: Flew with the 184th RAC at Phu Loi from Jul 68-Dec68, when I went to the battalion as the Tactical Operations Officer (The Molehole).
Rank: 1LT
Status: Retired from Kitsap County... Retired from the Army in Oct 79, retired from Metlife in 98.

Guest # 105  February 16, 2003
Email: rangerjs@aol.com  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Juan Santiago
Unit: C.A.C
Tour_dates: `1969, 1070
DMOS: 67 G
Message: I was in command aircraft company 1969 to 1970 U-21 Maintenance sup team Ä.Before that I have been in Nam, from 1964,65,66,67,68. With the 1st inf div and with the 120th assault hel co.
Juan Santiago (ret army)Sfc E-7.Welcome home.
Rank: sgt, and ssg
Status: Retired  in Florida.

Guest #104 March 20, 2003
Email: renee/charles@webtv.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: charles merck
Nick_Call: charlie
Unit: hhc 210th
Tour_dates: 4/1/67 4/1/8
DMOS: 93b20
Rank: E5

Guest #103 April 1, 2003
Email: jelbcl40@ev1.net
Name: James E Lanning
Nick_Call: Jim
Unit: A 2/501 101st
Tour_dates: 1967/1968
Message: ... Trying to locate: Chaplain-Bob Acklen Army Unit was:A 2/501 101st ab unit 1967-1968
Thank Jim Lanning

Guest #102 April 3, 2003
Email: donbettencourt@yahoo.com
Name: don bettencourt
Unit: hhc 210th
Tour_dates: jan 69 to jan 70
DMOS: 71h20
Message: glad i found this site.  has anyone heard from dickey?  
Rank: sp4
Status: compliance officer morgan keegan & company

guest book entries 2002

Guest #101  2Dec02 - Good to see ya Paul
Email: amcaelli@aol.com
Name: Paul Macelli
Unit: 210th CAB Long Thanh North
Tour_dates: 1968 to 1969
DMOS: 05C20
Message: Great to hear from the unit. Many Many moons have
passed since I have heard from someone, especially from Mike Russell who was my best man
in my wedding in 1969!
Rank: SP4
Status: Industrial Sales for Hisco Inc.

Guest # 100  November 12, 2002
Email: gcolorito@adelphia.net  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Gene Colorito
Nick_Call: Geno
Unit: 210th CAB
Tour_dates: late 1967 to Sept. 68
DMOS: 05C20
Message: Enjoyed the web page! Brought back a lot of memories! I was in the communications section and bunked with Childress, Huey, and Carlson.
I will look up some old photographs and mail them so that you may include them on this website.
Are any of the communication guys out there?

Guest #99 27November2002
Email: bcannom@msn.com
Name: Bob Cannom
Nick_Call: Non Stop 12
Unit: 184th RAC
Tour_dates: 12/67-12/68
Message: Started with 184th RAC flying Birdogs. Moved to 210th CAB TOC in June 68. Worked in the TOC behind the HQS until I left in Dec 68.
Rank: 1st Lt
Status: Retired LTC. Currently work as Director of Material Services, Atlantic Coast Airlines, Dulles Airport.

Guest #98 1Dec2002
Email: chlebek4@cs.com  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Jim Hlebek
Nick_Call: Chi-Town
Unit: 210th CAB?CAC
Tour_dates: Dec. 67 to Jan. 69
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Can't believe I found this site. I was a crew chief on U-21 for a short time; then took over POL {re-fueling}. I have some pictures and I'll try to send them. Some guys I knew were, Jack Matney, Jess Goin, Paul Pilon, Steve Sheetz. Great site, keep it going!
Rank: Sp. 4
Status: Mechanic

Guest #97 Nov 2002
Email: mmeyer@vfw.org  
Name: mike meyer
Nick_Call: kansas doorgunner
Unit: 56th Recovery
Tour_dates: 11/70  8/71
DMOS: 67n20
Message: I served next to the Mohawk Unit my entire tour. I was a crew chief and gunner on ship#381. The 56th had 2 Hueys for recovery, we supported the 1st aviation brigade with Pipesmoke ourt of Phu Loi.
I have worked off and on in Vietnam since 1995. I leave this Nov. 10 to go back on another humanitarian mission for 11 days. I am the Administrator of Corporate Development for the VFW Foundation.
Rank: sp5
Status: Executive with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation

Guest #96 12Oct02
Email: pasadena@powerup.com.au
Name: Randal McFarlane
Nick_Call: Randy
Unit: Royal Australian Air Force
Tour_dates: 1975
Message: Flew with U-21 detatchment based at Don Muang, Bangkok on numerous occassions throughout Thailand and into Laos/ Cambodia. Pilot CW4 Linn Olson.
Rank: Flight Lieutenant [Capt}
Status: Airline Owner-Australia  [www.macair.com.au]

Guest #95
Email: als@pcspower.net 
email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: al sever
Unit: 116th AHC; C trp 7/1 CAV; 282nd AHC
Tour_dates: 68-72
Message: Check out new book on RVN--XIN  LOI--- on B&N and Amazon sites. Crew chief 68-72; slicks & guns; Delta to DMZ; RVN, Cambodia, Laos.
Rank: e-5

Guest # 94

Email: Magnum3023@aol.com  3 Sep 02
Name: Bob Michel
Nick_Call: Bob
Unit: 210th C.A.C
Tour_dates: Feb 68-Feb 69
DMOS: 67G40
Message: I was a senior aircraft maintaince crew leader in the hanger at Long Thanh North.The pictures bring back many memories, but many of the names and faces are long gone to me.I had many good times in Long Thanh.Over the years ive seen a few of the planes through out the states,The army retired most of them now.Im proud to have served with the 210th,and the great guys who worked along side me the keep the missions going.This is a great site.
Rank: E5
Status: Deputy Sheriff

Guest number #93
Email: bluewings1200@yahoo.com  12Aug02 
email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Marshall B.
Unit: 73rd.SAC.OV-1Mohawks
Tour_dates: 6-71 to 3-72
DMOS: 68g20
Message: Long Thanh North,73rd.SAC.Mohawks ,airframe repairman,in the Mohawks Hanger,and aloy of perimeter guard duty.Bunkers and Towers.Would like to hear from fellow Nam Vets that were there during this period.I was there 6-71 to 3-72 last months before fieldbase was closed.Nam Vet,73rd.SAC-uptight-
Rank: E-4

Email: theegolfdude@aol.com 27Jul02  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: tom
Nick_Call: thunder chicken 23
Unit: 195 ahc
Tour_dates: 11/69 to 4/71
DMOS: 67/74
Rank: cw2
Status: professional golf caddie

# 91
Email: james.houser@attbi.com  7 July 2002  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: James Houser
Unit: 210th CAB, Security Guard TDY from the 56th Transpertation Co.
Tour_dates: 12/69-12/70
DMOS: 68B20
Message: Say all, I got some photos from LTN in the mid 1970's-to the end of 70.  Hope for contact soon.  I was looking for Sgt. Sassy who was the Security Guard Platoon Sgt during this time...I took over after he DEROS'ed.  Wanting the Commanding Officer during this time too...I was SP4 during this time and went to ask him for Acting-Jack.  Would like to talk to him about this experiance...WELCOME HOME ALL.
Rank: SP4
Status: Retired

Guest Number 90  -  July 4, 2002
Email: roger6022@mchsi.com
Name: Roger H. Willis
Nick_Call: Horsefeathers
Unit: CAC, 210TH CAB
Tour_dates: Mar 67-Jul 69
DMOS: 67B40
Message: Three in the green and the lights out in the handle.  Glad to see the 210th CAB web site.  I have some pictures to add to the site, if I ever find them, it's been a long time.
Rank: SFC  E-7
Status: ISG Retired

Guest Number 89
Email: Skoma47@aol.com
Name: Christopher  Komar
Nick_Call: Chris
Unit: S1 HHC, 210 Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 1968-1969
Rank: SP5
Status: Calif State Parks Maintenance Manager

Guest number 88
Email: teedmun@hotmail.com
Name: Terry Edmunds
Nick_Call: Pro
Unit: HHC, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: March 69 to March 70
DMOS: 71H20

Guest Number #87
Email: brucelee@austarnet.com.au
Name: McILWRAITH, Bruce
Tour_dates: SEP 66 - SEP 67
Message: I was an Australian Army Warrant Officer of the AATTV Australian Army Training Team Vietnam from 18 Sep 66 to 13 Sep 67.  I was attached as an Advisor to RF/PF QUANG NAM PROVICE HQ AT HOI AN, being the only Australian Advisor working with American Advisors.
I was directed to your site by Jacl Worley Jnr  BIG BEAR  A most impressive site  Congratulations
Rank: WO2

Guest #86 16 May 2002
Email: BIGBEAR41@msn.com
Name: Jack Worley
Nick_Call: BEAR
Unit: 214th CAB CAMP BEARCAT and Dong Tam , 12AVN GP Long Binh
Tour_dates: 67-69
Message: Thanks for the memories!
Rank: SGT
Status: USA Retired, Adjutant American Legion Post 591 Seaside, CA

Guest number #84  15 May 2002
Email: RENEECHARLES@WEBTV.com   email addy no good 15Oct05
Nick_Call: CHARLIE
Unit: HHC 210TH
Tour_dates: 1/67to1/68
DMOS: 93b20
Rank: E5

Guest #83  Email: fferg26254@aol.com  29Mar02 FRED IS NOW DECEASED RIP BROTHER email addy no good 15Oct05
Unit: HHC 210th CBT AVN
Tour_dates: 1 Apr 68 to Mar 69
DMOS: 1824H
Message: Was assigned as the Mess Steward for the Mess Hall at LTN, although I was an E-7 and the slot only called for an E-6.  Had a Canadian guy for an assistant (Maurice Norman) who was later wounded in the village and evacuated to Japan, then Okinawa.  Was elected as President of the Board of Governors of the club on LTN  Sgt Blood was club manager.  Maj Turner was My C.O.  Stroup(?) was my 1st Sgt, Cooper (I think) was the supply.  Bunked with Frank "Frenchy" La Follette in the Sr NCO's "hootch" next to the concrete shower they built.  Had a great bunch of guys for cooks and the most popular meal was barbecued ground beef on a bun (Sloppy Joes)  Had split menus for each meal - ala carte breakfast menus, etc - loved the gang that was at LTN  - just wish I could remember more of them - no pictures, but did see one of the old Mess Hall on this site.
Rank: SFC 7
Status: Retired E-8 - retired DOD Contracting officer (Gs_12)

Entry #82 Email: donrix@att.net 15Mar02  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Donald M. Ricks
Nick_Call: Long Trip (last three of call sign)
Unit: CAC
Tour_dates: 1970
Message: They made us fly so much that we had little time to take photos. I have a few; one of a good looking yound woman on a motor bike at LTN. What a fast year. I later came back to command a U21 unit in Thailand and was in Saigon loading people and things to fly back to Thailand as the city fell (this was in 1974-75), up to the fall of Vientam. LTC Baines was commander at LTN. Nice photos. Thanks.
Rank: CPT
Status: Air Traffic Controller, FAA

 Entry #81  Email: gdcvette@wcc.net  15Mar02
Name: Gary D. Cox
Unit: 212th MP Company - Sentry Dogs
Tour_dates: 3-1969 - 5-1970
Message: Hi Guys
 Enjoyed your website and all the pictures. Don't see too much about the 212th but we were the guys that walked the perimeter for you at night and a few other places. Remeber the supply depot? We really liked doing security for you there, that helped us build and supply our squad..around 1:00 a.m. most mornings!! But really Welcome Home and glad to see such a well run a site about the base.
Rank: Sgt.    E-5
Status: President  - Southwest Cafes, Inc.

E#80 Email: panic@nothbutnet.com   21Feb2002
Name: charles riney
Nick_Call: none
Unit: HHC 210CAB
Tour_dates: JAN 70-JAN71
Rank: SGT E-5

Guest number 79
Email: hornings@westriv.com  21 February 2002  
Name: Terry Horning
Unit: 210th Aviation Battalion-Personnel Office
Tour_dates: January 1968 through March 1969
Message: It has been a very long time since those days.  I greet my then comrades and wish them all well.  I happened across this site today and appreciate all you have done to create it.  I am available at the above e-mail address if anyone should happen to remember me.  Suggest forwarding a list of those who have responded with their e-mails so that we can contact each other.  The only person I have made any contact with since leaving VN in 1969 is Steve Sorenson and that was in 1970.
Rank: Specialist E-5

Guest Number 78 - But Mary signed prior to this entry also
To all.... Mary (Ms. Whit) was the Bn S1 Secretary 68-70 along with Ms. Xuan (Soon)  20 Feb 2002
Email: Mary.T.Barone@irs.gov
Name: Mary (Nguyet) Barone
Unit: 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 1968(local), left in 1970
Message: You develop a very functional and nice web-site.
It was wonderful that we met again after over 30 years. (You, Joe, Xuan, and I).  Looking forward to our next re-union.
Rank: Civilian
Status: Chief, System Capacity Management Section (IT)

Guest Number 77....
Email: Xbentarrow@aol.com  10 Feb 2002
Tour_dates: JAN 68 TO NOV 68
                        MIKE FRYER
Rank: SPC 5

Guest Number 76....
Email: harolandc@aol.com  6 Jan 2002
Name: haroland m. patterson
Nick_Call: pat
Unit: hhc 210
Tour_dates: oct 68 to may 69
DMOS: 76z50
Message: was S4 sgt from oct 68 to may 69 maj hardy was s4
Rank: sfc
Status: ret msg e8 and civil service

Guest Book Entries 2001

Email: wpstewa@earthlink.net  30Dec2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: William P Stewart
Nick_Call: Bill
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 68 - 69
DMOS: Pilot
Message: You've done a good job on the site. Brings back old memories.
Rank: Maj
Status: Retired LTC, US Army

Email:  COLONOLSKIP@aol.com
Name: Lawrence(Skip) E. McGranahan II  10Dec01
Nick_Call: Long Trip 4
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 70-Sep 71
DMOS: Pilot
Rank: CPT
Status: Senior Project Manager- Power Plant Construction

Email: Bobbie6769@JUNO.com  9Dec2001
Name: Bobbie
Nick_Call: Weather Girl
Unit: Saigon - DMZ to the Delta
Tour_dates: April 67 - Nov. 69
Message: Love your site -- as brings back such nice memories - especially with you all at the Bob Hope show -- thanks to you all for making my time in Viet Nam a memorable one -- and thanks for taking care of me -- I remain grateful for all that you did over there -- wish you all the best, weather-wise and other-wise, Bobbie (your ex-weather girl)
Rank: AFVN 
Status: retired from the USG - 29 years of service

Dear Guys... Bobby the weather girl  AFVN TV 67 - 69  5Dec01
In searching the internet, what a memorable surprise to come across our gathering at the Bob Hope Show --What nice memories it brings back to me -- of so many nice people -- who treated me so well -- let me know if you get this -- and if you are in the photo -- wish you all the best, Bobbie

Email: bluewings1200@yahoo.com  5Dec01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Nick_Call: MARSH
Tour_dates: JUNE 71 TO MARCH 72
DMOS: 68g20
Rank: E-4-SP/4

Email: unclelee47@hotmail.com  5Dec01
Name: Lee Ayers
Unit: HHC 210th CAB Battalion Personnel
Tour_dates: 2/68 11/68
DMOS: 71H40
Message: I remember the many nights of guard duty and the dogs "DEP" (the best guard duty companion), "Port Call" and the cat "sampson???" I also remember the night run to Saigon to steal A/C units for the hooch after we plywooded the rooms.  What a trip.  Thank God we are back and heres one to the "fallen comrades".
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired from SW Bell/ Own computer business

Email: kathyjim@bellatlantic.net  25 Nov 01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Jim Maher
Unit: 210 CAB
Tour_dates: 2/69-8/69
Message: Bn S-2.   Imagery Interpretation officer with 73dSAC.   Transferred back to HQ as S-2
Rank: Captain
Status: Retired in June 2001 after 30 years in the FBI

Email: the_schram_klan777@hotmail.com  19 Nov 01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: steve schram
Nick_Call: short round
Unit: 73rd sac
Tour_dates: 70-71
DMOS: 67h40
Message: I would like to here from you if you were in my unit during this time.  Do you remember Sutep from the Thai bird dog unit?  Please E-mail me at my E=mail address.  Thanks,  Steve
Rank: E-5
Status: Auto Mechanic

Email: jimyoung@aol.com  8 Nov 01
Name: Jim Young
Unit: Det 10, 1st Weather Group, USAF
Tour_dates: Nov 67 - Nov 68
Message: Looking for anyone who remembers events around village SE of LTN on eve of Tet 68. I drove from (and back to) TSN to fix a new tactical cloud height indicator set and missed the turn to the base. I saw very interesting sights along the way ("funeral" processions), near the village (unit wanted to see if I would draw fire), and at LTN (such as the QT-2PC). I had a young troop with me that kept me guessing (and more concerned) than the enemy.
Rank: E-4
Status: New A&P (just a week too late for good aviation jobs)

Email: lordbyron@xsn.net  18 Oct 01 email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Byron Mitchell
Nick_Call: Mitch
Unit: 210 CAB Headquartes Company
Tour_dates: Nov 15, 1967 to Jan 15, 1969
DMOS: 70Y40
Message: 10/17/01
I got to this site looking for information related to the Afgan situation.  It's great. A lot of menories came back after al these years, (34).  From 90th replacement I went on tho the 210th to replace the companys armorer who was leaving in december. The unit was in Saigon then. Eventualy I became the  companys armorer. I learned on the job. I remember a lot of the guys in the pictures.  I laughted  a lot when I saw Donovan.  He was the guy in permanent burning shit detail, cleaning all the letrines.  How can I forget the new showers? The water was warm during the early evening.  I have many photos, but tey are slides.  I havent seen them for many years.  I found a few photos and made some copies which I will mail to you.
Regards from sunny Puerto Rico....
Byron Mitchell
Rank: Sp-4 and Sgt E-5
Status: Own two Radio stations in my home town

Email: magenta_cherokee@hotmail.com   15Oct01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: James W. Whitehead
Nick_Call: Jimmy/Whitey
Unit: 25th Aviation Corps, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Mar68-Mar69
DMOS: 36K40
Message: Hello from Kentucky, long way from Long Binh. Would like to hear from 25th Aviation Corps, 210 CAB, Hope and pray that life is better for all those who made it out. 
Rank: Spec 4

Email: masterblaster@mediaone.net  4Oct01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: A. Michael Evans, Jr.
Nick_Call: Sgt. Mai
Unit: 224th Aviation Batallion, 509th Radio Research Group
Tour_dates: Nov. 1970-Oct. 1971
DMOS: 05C40
Message: I loved my tour in Viet Nam. I was a U.S. who happened to posess a secret clearance before I got drafted. (I delivered classified documents at T.R.W. Redondo Beach, CA.) I was in a unit of RA's who even though they were "shorter" than I was, when I left Viet Nam, I went home, for good. They had to be reassigned to additional duty.
God Bless America.
Rank: Sergeant E-5
Status: V.P. Marketing

Email: honksa@home.com  1Sep2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: James (Jim ) Taylor
Nick_Call: honksa
Unit: 184th RAC 7/68-1/69/// HHC 210th Abn 1/69-7/69
Tour_dates: Jul 68-Jul69
DMOS: Aviator
Message: I was with the 184th RA.....til Dec 69 and then I was transferred to the 210th CAB on Staff. I was the TOC officer among other things.
Rank: Lt
Status: Ret in Oct 79, With Metlife until 2/98 now on my third career as juvenile detention officer.

Email: honksa@home.com  25Aug01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Jim Taylor
Nick_Call: Indian and Nonstop 38
Unit: 210th CAB and 184 RAC
Tour_dates: 7/68 - 1/69
DMOS: Pilot
Message:  I have tried to sign in on the guest book but had no luck. Here is my bio. I was in the 184th from 7/68-1/69 when I transferred to staff at the 210th as the TOC officer my call was Indian, at the 184th it was also Nonstop 38. If I can give anymore info let me know. Jim Taylor

Email: charliemilam2001@yahoo.com  8 Aug 01
Name: charles m.milam
Nick_Call: n/a
Unit: 210th CAB saigon tanh son nhut
Tour_dates: 11/67-11/68
DMOS: 71P20
Message: I was long than til 1/68 then went to saigon in  flight operations.Worked with alot of good people.
Rank: E-5
Status: construction project manager

Email: crabtrey@swbell.net 2 August 2001
Name: Roy Gilbert
Nick_Call: Dum Dum
Unit: 54th Utility Airplane Replacement Company (Big Daddy)
Tour_dates: 1968 to 1969
DMOS: 67G20
Message: If you ever read this, hello Sp Rumfield, Sgt. Allen, Sgt. Morris, Mr. Cunningham and Captain Roach, from the 54th Big Daddy Cantho,  do any of you remember the Rocket attack and Sgt. Allen threatening to "hang a sign around my neck that said shoot me and stand me up in the middle of the street"  if I ever made a prediction like that again, Dum Dum here.  Hello also to Sp Harold Cook, Doug O,brian, and sp Philip Morris of the 54th Big Daddy Vung Tau .
Rank: Sp/4
Status: Family Historian, Genealogist, Assoc. Member The American Bar Association, The Human Rights Campaign

Email: jimmad@juno.com  26Jul01
Name: James V. Laviana III
Nick_Call: Aloft 15A
Unit: 74th Recon Apln Co.
Tour_dates: 9/68-9/69
DMOS: 67B20
Message: I was a crew chief in Phu Loi from Sept 68 until mid January 69, then off to Xuan Loc for 2 weeks, than off to Lom Son for a month. The crew chief at An Loc was derosing home so I went north in Febuary until mid May. I then returned to Lom Son where I finished my tour.
Rank: E5
Status: Disabled engineer.

Email: wjr777@yahoo.com  25 July 2001
Name: Bill Rentschler
Nick_Call: Whiskey Roach
Unit: 365th Airfield Detachment
Tour_dates: Jan 70-Jan 71
Message: We were the Tower and GCA Controllers, lived on the other side near that club I understand later caught fire.
Rank: SPEC. 4th class
Status: IT Support manager, Hewlett-Packard.

Email: romilks@home.com  17 May 2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Ron Milks
Nick_Call: R.O.
Unit: 98th Trans Det
Tour_dates: 01/67 - 11/67
DMOS: 68D20
Message: Served with 98th Trans Det in Support of the 120th AHC, 210th CAB at Ton Son Nhut AFB. Flew with the Aircraft Recovery Team.
Rank: Sp/4
Status: Retired Police Chief Lafayette, IN, currently Risk Mgr for auto manufacturing co in Lafayette

Email: ka5s@earthlink.net  16 May 2001
Name: Cortland Richmond
Unit: 325th Sig Det, Comand Aircraft Company
Tour_dates: 1969-1970
DMOS: 35P40
Message: Transferred in from 165th Avn Group at Bien Hoa, assigned NCOIC of the 325th Signal Detachment -- avionics repair -- which ended up as avionics platoon of the CAC. Emergency leave and early DEROS in 1970 resulted in leaving all my pictures behind; I hope SOMEONE preserved them. Retired E7 1983. Now working as electronic engineer.
Rank: E6
Status: EMC Engineer

Email: jwitwer452@aol.com  16 May 2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: John Witwer
Nick_Call: Doc
Unit: 210th CAB Battalion Surgeon
Tour_dates: Oct3 67-Oct3 68
Message: Enjoyed your web site, brought back memories. Well Done. I have your medical records, (just kidding)
John W
Rank: Cpt
Status: State Representative Colorado Retired physician

Email: capt_john2@hotmail.com  13 May 2001NEW EMAIL OCT03 capt_john2@msn.com
Name: John Lynch
Nick_Call: Captain John
Unit: 210 th CAB  Command Airplane Co.
Tour_dates: 1967-1968
DMOS: 67F20
Message: Origanaly assigned to Tan Son Nhut then was transfered to Long Thanh the end of '67.  Worked as a U-21 technical inspector at Tan Son Nhut and Long Thanh.  Discharged from US Army Mach 1968.
Rank: SP6
Status: Ship captain

Email: CopyCat@cvconline.com  May 2001   email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Joseph J. Venegas
Nick_Call: NewGuy
Unit: 360th Bn 1st Sig Bde  / 335th Cowboys AHC 1st Avn Bde
Tour_dates: Oct 69-Jun 71
DMOS: 31m20
Message: Spent 1 week @ 90th Rep.shipped to LTN w/about 10 other newbies.Pulled bunker guard/strung wire/filled sandbags.Lived out of D-bag all the time,had a hootch if you can call it that.My area of the bunker line put me of a RU-8A's hanger/runway.One P.M.had a sentry dog alert in hanger.talk about shit in the wind!Anyway like to hear from guys @ LTN or BearCat where I ended up.
Rank:  E-5
Status: Disabled/Ex-cop/Ex-Deputy Sheriff-Corner-II

Email: Lageo04@aol.com  29April2001
Name: LaVerne G. Raywood
Nick_Call: Woody
Unit: HHC, 210th Avn Bn (Cbt)
Tour_dates: Aug. 70 - Sept 71
DMOS: 71B20
Message: Can't believe that I finally found a site that remembers the 210th aviation battalion, more or less a place were we had to call home for a year.
(Long Thanh North)
I served in the battalion personnel office, as records clerk for the inlisted personnel from HCC, 25th, and 184th companies. In June of 71 the 210th stood down and everyone was reassigned. I stayed in Long Thanh as a garrison unit. I was assigned duties of taking care of civilian personnel, (houch maids, club girls, and messhall helpers) Tough job but someone had to do it.
I still remember playing numero uno during formation for guard duty. (one person got out of guard duty)It sure turned into a ritual getting ready for guard duty so you could get out of it.
I hope that some of the people that worked in the office and hung around together will drop a line. Great site keep up the good work. 
Rank: SP-4
Status: Truck technician for a local Chevy dealership

Email: CERAMOS@webtv.net  21 April 2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Charles E. Ramos
Unit: HHC,210th CAB
Tour_dates: l3 Jan 68 to Jan 69
DMOS: 71H20
Message: I got a call from Mike today did not remember him at first. But when he mention being awards clerk I remembered
him. He actually work for me when I was
S-1, Sgt. I stayed in the Army for l6yrs 6 Month got out the service SFC on a disability that led to 100 percent service connection. I am retired. Age 55.
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired

Email: jimmad@juno.com  19 April 2001
Name: James V. Laviana III
Nick_Call: Jim/Aloft 15A
Unit: 74th Recon Apln Co.
Tour_dates: Sept 68-Sept 69
Message: Looking for anyone who served with me while in Phu Loi, Lom Son or An Loc. Especially Mike the company clerk.
Rank: E5
Status: retired

Email: Tony.Lincoln@cox.net
Name: Tony Lincoln
Nick_Call: Toe Knee
Unit: 210th CAB
Tour_dates: March '68 to March '69
DMOS: RADAR Repair Technician
Message: Great to hear from you, Mike! 33 years ago....whew! I will get on converting some of my pictures from slides to digital...have to make a rig to do that. Got a great lens from the dump which will help. This is cool that you're doing this.
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired Engineer

Email: ioevry1@home.com  12 April 2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Ron Richardson
Nick_Call: Rich
Unit: HHC, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 11/67 to 10/68
DMOS: 71H30
Rank: SP5
Status: Senior Safety Technician for IBM

Email: ziobacio@yahoo.com  11April 2001
Name: Mike Wegner
Nick_Call: Cable/Satellite AKA "The Fox"
Unit: 2nd Sig Gp, Avn Det
Tour_dates: Nov 68 - Nov 69
Message: Nice to see the shots of LTN -- thanks for all the pictures.  I flew UH-1s for 1st Sig Bde/2nd Sig Gp.
Rank: WO

Email: paulhannum@aol.com  8April 2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Paul Hannum
Unit: 184th Avn Co.
Tour_dates: 1969-1970
DMOS: 67B20
Message: I am interested in knowing if anyone exists from the 184th, which was at Phu-loi. 74th was sister company. I am constantly receiving newsletters from the 145th Avn. Bn., probably because I was with the 71st AHC at Ling Bihn for only 2 weeks, but they seem to think I belong to the 145th. I am specifically looking for a guy named Kashner who served with me for quite awhile in tower 7 (Tango 7) at Phu Loi. He also was from the 184th.
Rank: SP/5
Status: Hospital Facility Manager

Email: dickeydale21@hotmail.com  8 April 2001
Name: Wayne Dickey
Unit: 210 C.A.B.  and 1st Combat Aviation Brigade
Tour_dates: NOV.67 to OCT.68
Message: Hi my name is Wayne Dickey.  I was in the 210th C.A.B.  I was just wondering if you might be able to point me in some more good directions to some pictures or memoribila i might recognize.  I am from the centeral part of Maine.  My mos number was 67G20 and i didn't know but if you might be able to help me out?  Thanks for your time!           Wayne Dickey  Maine.
Rank: E5
Status: Self Imployed  Mecanic

Email: gdcvette@wcc.net
Name: Gary D. Cox
Unit: 212th MP sentry dog unit
Tour_dates: 3/69 - 5/70
Message: I was a sentry dog handler at Long Thanh. Any other dog handlers send me an email.
Rank: Sgt.
Status: Restaurant owner

Email: rboldon@naxs.com  18March2001 email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Boldon,Ronnie
Unit: 73RD SAC
Tour_dates: 1965 to 1966
Rank: SP/4 & Sp5 (SGT e-5)I was with the 73RD SAC in 1965 t0 1966 in Vung-Tau till the unit moved to  Long thongNorth. I have been trying to find 2 GUYSNicklous Zara, Johnny Snelling. I can not seem to find them. My e-mail is rboldon@naxs.com

Email: richlaing@edinarealty.com  17March2001   email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: rich laing
Unit: 365th ADD-  air traffic controller/ long thanh
Tour_dates: March 69 to June of 70
Message: Enjoyed looking at site. It has been a long time.Pictures of the tower and general surroundings bring back memories. just can't remember a lot of names-just faces and some good times. 
Rank: spec-5

Email: turningleaves@hotmail.com  7Mar2001
Name: Kim Kropat
Nick_Call: Vanguard 669
Unit: 146th Aviation Company (RR)
Tour_dates: 9-70/9-71
Message: Would like to hear from others from the 146th Aviation Company (RR)....
Rank: CW2
Status: Airline Pilot

Email: Equality48@aol.com  7Mar2001
Name: David M. Dismore
Unit: HHD, 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: Jan 68 - Dec 68
DMOS: 93E20
Message: Goooood Morning, Vietnam ! This site is so realistic it zapped me back to '68, and since I have all my hair again, I think I'll stick around. Better drop my "201 File" off in Personnel with Richardson & Kelly, then see if I can get my old job in First Sergeant Stroup's office. If not, maybe I can run the mimeo with Milam at HQ, be a Security Guard on the perimeter, or finally finish those concrete showers. Sure hope I get the Commo barracks again - great bunch of guys, and the hardest-working hooch maids anywhere ("Lan" and "Lan"). Well, "Deros" and "Port Call" (our favorite dogs) seem to be ambling toward the Club, so I think I'll head there myself and chug a few beers with the other two "Musketeers" (Curry and Schreck) and on my way I'll write "FREE" on the envelope of this letter and get it over to Perkins in the mail room. With standard military efficiency, it should be delivered by 2001 .....
Rank: Sp/5
Status: History Researcher / Archivist

Email: daniel.crowley@wi.ngb.army.mil  6Mar2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Dan Crowley
Nick_Call: Crash
Unit: HHC 12th Combat Aviation Group
Tour_dates: Jul 67 - jul 68
DMOS: 71l
Message: I enjoyed reading your web page.  I worked in the message center at Group Headquarters.  I took care of the distribution and mail from the Battalion Couiers.
Rank: SPC
Status: Operartion Sergeant, 1-120th FA, WIARNG

Email: Prince0fKona@aol.com  5Mar01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Rance Pinao 
Unit: HHC, 210th CAB
Tour_dates: Jan69
DMOS: Jan70
Message: I came to the HHC in Jan 69 and was assign to S4. My duties was a crew chief of U6-A Beaver. We made courrier runs daily to all the subordinate Units with in the Battalion. we also flew Bird-dog during the TET off. of 69 when and caused a whole nightmare for everyone because some idiot set off the clamore on the bunker line....gee it was fun cause I worked on the airfield the entire month of feb. the crew chief was with me was sp4 Molinar from san antonio Tx, sp5 Bussey and another guys who use to wistle alot while he worked. I forgot the guys name who worked in s-4, oh well they were clerks. I have run into one chief warrant officer who was there at the same time. He's name was CWO Sanders(a Pilot) who retired in Lawton Oklahoma, It was he who reconized me.....
Rank: SP5 E5
Status: Im  a Living on easy, with a bottle of whiskey, I ain't got no money to suite my honey.....a version of a famous hawaiian singer (Gabby Pahinui) and thats me.....living that lift

Email: grendel_99829@yahoo.com 1Mar2001
Name: Bob Barton
Nick_Call: Reaper
Unit: Command Airplane Co. 210th Combat Avn Bn
Tour_dates: Jun 68 to June 69
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Great page cowboy! Will be sending pictures as I told you in my e-mail.
I worked on the engine crew with some great guys. I can remember some names like Petersen, Potter, a guy we called Pig Pen, and a lot of faces. There is one guy on the engine crew who was probably the senior mechanic and who taught me all I knew about PT-6 engines. He was on the net team when they moved from Siagon and I sure wish I could remember his name.
Does anyone remember the rubber tree counting detail? I participated in that venture.
Some might remember me as the guy who shot the hole through the roof of my hooch, including the light fixture. It was my first night and we had just had a rocket attack, so after we had returned into the hooch one of the guys knew I was spooked and yelled VC on the roof1 shoot quick! so I did and got two weeks of extra duty.
I could go on and on, but I want. Great to hear from fellow Long Thanh Warriors, Keep The Faith.
Rank: SP/4
Status: Pastor United Pentecostal Church - Hoonah Alaska

email addy no good 15Oct05   
Email: Prince 0f kona@AOL.com 17Feb2001  
Name: Ranceford k. Pinao
Unit: HHQ Company 52 Aviation Bn.
Tour_dates: Jan 69 to Jam 70
Message: aloha
Rank: SP5 E-5
Status: enteraining

Email: williamt@ptialaska.net  10Feb2001
Name: William A. Thomas Jr
Nick_Call: Bill, Bear and Eskimo
Unit: 210th CAB Command Airplane Company Long Thanh N.
Tour_dates: 1/3/68-11/23/68
DMOS: 67N20
Message: Went to Vietnam with the 101st Airborne in January 68 and when we got to Bien Hoa we were all reassigned to other outfits. I ended up at LTN where I had to work long,long hours between guard duty at least 4 times a week and fill sand bags during the day, when the planes where all gone. Since there weren't enough Chiefs we worked on all the planes U-21A's. I have photos that I'll send maybe you can post. I ran into a Bob Barton who was a mechanic at the same time, In a little town of Hoonah, Alaska,small world.

Message: I went over with the 101st AB. Div. but like the others with me got sent to other companys. We came from Fort Campell, Kentucky. I was assigned to CAC even though my MOS was with another plane, Birddog,Beaver and Otter. Worked on the U-21A,filled sand bags and pulled a lot of guard duty,remember a lot of rolled turkey, instant eggs,rain, guard dogs,black nights,our fantastic mortor crew and their efforts to make the flares ignite in the air not on the ground,snakes, dust when it didn't rain, looking for people that may remember Sgt. Moon Mullins, Burt Topliff, Norm Taylor,Bill Brune or Bruno,Scortino,Lynch, Washington, or anyone who was there then. Can't forget the burn barrels and the pill. Have pictures and send for printing, Thanks for the web page, just learning to use.
Rank: SP/4
Status: Fisherman/Lobbyist

Email: larryb12_2000@yahoo.com  9Feb2001
Name: larry brown
Unit: USS Ticonderoga CVS-14
Tour_dates: '71 to '73
Message: I was a sailor off the coast of VN.  I made two cruises on the USS Ticonderoga CVS-14.  You guys were lucky?? to be ashore.  I was holed up on a ship 900 feet long and 250 feet wide and only 4000 guys.  Of course, we diddn't worry too much about getting shot, had hot water most of the time and hot meals all the time.
I am married to Ms Xuan, one of the secretaries you worked with.
Rank: ASH-2/E-5
Status: ASCM (ret)

Email: mullalley@juno.com  8Feb2001
Name: Xuan Mullalley
Nick_Call: Sue
Unit: HQ 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 68-70
Message: I am very happy to hear from Mike Russell and Dan Longley.  Christopher Komar (Legal Clerk HQ 210) e-mail address koma1@msn.com and Joe Pellegrini (Legal Clerk HQ 210) Joe's office phone 978-537-4949.
Mike and Dan, thanks a whole bunch...let's stay in touch...forever!

Email: gbarone2@yahoo.com  6Feb2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Mary Barone (Nguyet)
Nick_Call: Mary or Nguyet Tran
Unit: 210th Aviation Bn (Cbt)
Tour_dates: ??? - 1970 (local Civilian)
DMOS: Clerk
Message: I am, what you called Miss Nguyet, work with you and Miss Xuan in Battation Headquarters during Tet Offensive operation in Long Thanh North. We had fun and scary moments together in many occasions.
Would like to re-united with old friend.
Rank: local cilvilian
Status: ADP Section Chief

Email: oldsoldiere5@earthlink.net    email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Ben Hochstatter  4Feb2001
Unit: 210th CAB, Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: 12/18/67 - 12/21/68
DMOS: 5/69
Message: Am going to pull some old pictures .. I believe the black in the picture with the "peace sign" is Eddie Blair of Boston.  He was my armorer in CAC.  The names sure get fuzzy after the years go by.  I set up the 210th site on PlanetAlumni and have been regularily surprised by the visitors.  Enjoyed the photo-Flashback-  My pic's of Bob Hope were from Bear Cat .. Some in PX stole most of the six rolls I shot, but I got one black and White prints returned.  I see what I can scare up in Pictures.
Welcome home.
Rank: Sgt -E5
Status: Manager Human Resources - Mercury Marine - Wisconsin

Email: thomasgroup@wytbear.com  23Jan01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: william a. thomas jr.
Nick_Call: Bear or Eskimo
Unit: 210 th avn Bn CAC
Tour_dates: 1/2/68 11/23/68
Message: I know where Brad Ruble and Mike Fyrer are.
Rank: SP/4
Status: Fisherman/Lobbyist

Email: grraines@hotmail.com  23Jan01
Name: Gerry Raines 
Nick_Call: Raines
Unit: 210 Combat Aviation Btn Hqtrs
Tour_dates: 11/67 - 5/68
Message: Don't remember my MOS but was trained as supply clerk and became finance clerk and supervisor. We moved out of Tanh Son Nhut, Saigon to Long Thanh North right after a group of volunteers prepared the sight for us.  That was when the Air Force wanted the Army out of Tanh Son Nhut (spelling ?) Airbase, so the 210th moved to its new sight sometime in Nov - Dec/67 as I recall.  I spent about 11 months at the Saigon airbase Dec/66 - Nov/67.  I looked over the guess list & didn't see many sign-in guests stationed during the time period I was there.  If any one recognizes my name please send me an e-mail; I'm still in touch with Tripp  (Ray) who was in Bear Cat and then moved over to Long Thanh North to take my place when I left in May 68.
Rank: SGT E-5
Status: School Business Manager

Email: pootif@earthlink.net  21Jan01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Workman, James
Nick_Call: Jim
Unit: 56th Trans Co
Tour_dates: Sep 68-Sep 69
Message: Was on 3rd involuntary tour in RVN.  Transfered back to Ft Rucker and other assignments.  Retired from 101st Air Assult 1979.  Taught Automotive Technology at Nashville Auto-Diesel College. Retired from NADC 1995.  Live in Raeford NC.  Never saw anything in Veit Nam that I would care to go back for.
Rank: SSG   E6
Status: Retired US Army/Retired Teacher

Email: goodero@rohmhaas.com  21Jan01  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Ron Goode
Nick_Call: Hillbilly
Unit: 56th Trans Recovery
Tour_dates: '68-'69
Message: The few pictures here sure dredged up some old memories, especially the shot of the orphanage.
Rank: CW2
Status: Work in Engineering dept. of a world wide chemical company.

Email: dandeelee@wk.net  19Jan2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Danny E. lee
Unit: 56th Transportation Co.(ADS)(765th  Trans. Batt., Vung Tau)
Tour_dates: 28 Oct., 1968-21Oct., 1969
DMOS: 76P20G3
Message: We were across the airfield from the 210th and
spent a great deal of time in that co. When we
had to go to sick-call, we always had to go to
your co. to see the Dr, or else to LB. We spent a
lot of time at the PX in Bearcat.
Rank: Sp/4
Status: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.(Retired/Multiple Schlerosis)

Email: roygullett@aol.com  19Jan2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Roy Gullett
Nick_Call: Chief of Utilities & Maintenance
Unit: Pacific Architects & Engineers Inc., Vietnam
Tour_dates:  1967 to 1974
Message: Vietnam History:
Senior Enlisted Advisor RVN's Navy Repair Facility, Cat Lo (Vung Tau),1966 to 1967.
Pacific Architects & Engineers Inc.,Chief of Utilities & Maintenance at Long Thanh (BearCat), 9th Division and Long Thanh North,1967 to 1974.
Rank: Eng 1/C & Gs11
Status: Retired

Email: masterblaster@mediaone.net   19Jan2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: A. Michael Evans, Jr.
Nick_Call: Sgt. Mai
Unit: 509th RR Group, 224th AVN BN RR
Tour_dates: Nov. 1970 - Oct. 1971
DMOS: 05C40
Message: I loved my tour of duty. Had a great time. I have many fond memories of Long Thanh North. then again, I have fond memories of That Firebase Bearcat, Saigon, (100 P Alley,)Long Binh, Bien Hoa, Vung tau, Cam Ranh Bay and even some good R&R in Da Nang. Not to mention a three day skate trip to Subic Bay in the Phillipiines so we cold get our WWII P2 Bomber washed. (ASA stuff, don't ask.)
Rank: Sgt. E-5
Status: V.P. Marketing, Crenshaw Christian Center

Email: jimsho@bdsn.com  18Jan2001  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Jim Shoop
Unit: 73rd SAC
Tour_dates: Sept 67 to July 68
Message: Ran across your site.  Good work. I do have some old copies of orders that have lots of names of guys in 210th and it's subordinate units.  I don't have a scanner but if you give me a mailing address I'll forward copies of what I have.  Would love to hear from folks who were in the 73rd and am aware of their site.  I was an image interpreter and worked photos only (no red haze or slar). My home e-mail is <kshoop@ncia.com>.
Rank: E-5
Status: veterans counselor

Email: CptKelly@aol.com 13Jan2001
Name: Mike Kelly
Nick_Call: Satellite
Unit: 1 Signal Brigade Aviation Detachment, Long Thanh North
Tour_dates: 1971 to 1972
DMOS: 01980
Message: I wonder if there are any other 1st Signal Aviation guys out there?  If so, please contact me.  I am especially looking for Bob Wolters (Bermy to his friends).
Rank: Cpt
Status: Retired

guest book entries 2000

Email: dean@ringeisen.com  8DEC00
Name: Dean ringeisen (son of Wayne Ringeisen)
Unit: 210 Avn Bn CAC
Tour_dates: 68-69
Message: My father served from 68-69 in the 210 Avn Bn CAC. He worked on fixed
wing aircraft (engines) so I guess at that time it would be a 67G. He was a SSG back then, Wayne R. Ringeisen. Just thought with a last name like that odds are someone might remember it. I remember him saying that he was at Long Thanh but before he left they moved to Long Binh. He never talked about his tour except for the pet dog, the mud he fell in, and the sun sets when flying. Just a side note; I retire next June after 20 yrs in Army aviation (Avionics guy) and the unit I have been in these last two years is HHC 1/210 Avn
Regt. at Ft. Rucker. Family tradition?
Rank: SSG

Email: B-V-HAYES@prodigy.net 25 November 2000
Name: Bill Hayes
Nick_Call: none
Unit: 25th Aviation Co ( Corps)
Tour_dates: 19 Dec 69  to 24 Feb 72
DMOS: 67N20
Message: This is my first attempt to contact anyone who was in the 25th at Plantation AAF. How about Phil Perkins or Scott Whitesell? I crewed a Huey for 18 mo and then did ground maintenance for 6 mo. Went into Long Than alot.Does anyone remember John C. Hughes aka Corn Cob 6 ? I was his crewchief for 6 mo. at 12 group HQ. Whose out there
Rank: spec 5
Status: aircraft mechanic   United Airlines  Portland, Oregon

Email: ewillia@entergy.com 10 November 2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Edwin A. Williams
Nick_Call: Aloft 16
Unit: 74th RAC
Tour_dates: October 68- October 69
Message: Does anybody remember Pappy Devine and Mike Hope?
Rank: CPT
Status: Employed at a nuclear power plant; TQM

Email: groundpounder@post.com 10 October 2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: J.C. Poe
Nick_Call: Bn S-2 Sgt--LTN Sec Plt Ldr
Unit: HHC 210th Avn Bn
Tour_dates: Jan 1970 Jan 1971
DMOS: 96B50
Message:            Hi You all:
I was your friendly classified documents and personnel security inspector with additional duty
as Security Platoon Leader. Traveled to all units about once a month for inspection Ltc Col Williams
was Bn Co. Always plenty of action from the Orpanage. Also loose pet snakes around the tower.
Keep up the good work .Sincerely J.C. Poe  Msg  Ret.
Message: Hello Cowboys...I was your friendly Bn S-2 Sgt and
LTN security Platoon Leader.Traveled to all units
about once a month for inspection of classified Documents and Personnel security.Always plenty of action from the Orphanage and lost snakes at the tower.Ltc Williams was Co and Cpt Green was -2.Miss America and Bob hope traveled by CAC cadalac and the Security Platoon threw some fine
parties.Keep up the good work on guest book!!!!
Rank: Msg E-8
Status: Retired Army-Retired Civil Svc  & counting!!!!

Email: ragman240@aol.com  11 September 2000
Name: Joe Tarnovsky
Nick_Call: Ragman
Unit: 240th Assault Helicopter Co., doorgunner/ce, UH-1C Mad Dog Gunships
Tour_dates: July 69 to Oct 70
Message: I would like to render a salute of respect and admiration to the men of the 210th CAB, Long Thanh North, South Vietnam. The support you provided kept the aircraft of a number of aviation companies in the air during the Vietnam War and if that wasn't enough, when you did receive some precious time off, many of you volunteered to fly as door gunners and co-pilots on combat assaults with the aviation outfits you supported! The men of the 210th CAB should be proud of what they achieved in South Vietnam, you are respected by the men of the companies you supported not only in the area of maintenance, but for your willingness to get into the battle on combat assault missions and your courage under fire! WELCOME HOME, BROTHERS and THANKS for a job DAMN WELL DONE!
Rank: SP5
Status: Retired

Email: georgekrejci@worldnet.att.net  1 September 2000
Name: George Krejci
Nick_Call: George
Unit: 73rd Aviation Company
Tour_dates: June 1966 to June 1968
DMOS: 71H20
Message: For two years, I was the company clerk of the 73rd Avn. Co. in Vung Tau.  We were
first assigned to the 222nd Avn. Bn. in Vung Tau and then to the 210 Avn. Bn.  I visited
the 210th several times.  For more information and tons of pictures see:
Rank: SP5 E5
Status: Retired from Lucent Technologies.

Email: wparadis@camasnet.com  5 August 2000
Name: Wayne Paradis
Unit: HHC 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 1968 - 1969
DMOS: 71H20
Message: Thanks roomie for doing this. Major Turner, Sgt. Stroup, George Curry (Mop), Phu, Phil Dickey, those 2 airforce guys on the weather stuff, what a bunch of memories. There were more, and I hope to hear from you all. Mike, you got me my job and watched my back through some ticklish situations. We partied day and night. More fortunate than most. High to all.  Thanks again Cowboy
Rank: Sp5
Status: Fish Biologist, USDA Forest Service

Email: esalazarjr@iopener.net  24July2000
Name: Ernest Salazar, Jr
Nick_Call: Sal
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: Jun 69/Jul 70
DMOS: 67G40
Message: Any Flt-Line C/C's being there during this time table make contact..
Rank: Sp6(Ssgt)
Status: Retired Mil & Civil  Acft Insp (FAA Cert)

Email: Ubiquitist@aol.com   20Jul2000
Name: Robert (bob) Agerbeck
Nick_Call: "AK"
Unit: Command Airplane Company
Tour_dates: Apr 69- Apr 70
DMOS: 67G20
Message: Long Thanh North Apr 69 - Apr 70. Armed with a bow and arrows, I shot a few
rabbits. Killed lots of cockroaches and single handedly defeated the evil
empire. But the hardest thing of all, was flying the doughnut dollies and USO
troupes. Vince Vento, Castro, Gary Sargent, "Duck" (Steve Rivers), Paul
Guajardo, Bob George, crewchiefs. But Vento and Castro had the coolest room
in the hooch, it looked like a hut on the beaches of Waikiki (with a few
bullet holes).
Rank: SP-4
Status: Quality Assurance Specialist GS-1910-11 Crusader (Army)

Email: wjr777@usa.net 7/18/2000
Name: Bill Rentschler
Nick_Call: Good Vibes/Whiskey Romeo
Unit: 365th ADD-Tower Controller
Tour_dates: JAN 70-DEC 71
Message: Dont't forget the guys that got you in and out of a whole lot of rotten weather and crappy situations!!!
Went to Ham Nigh (Khe Sanh by any other name) with the 347th ADD for LAM SON 719, then finished up in Saigon with the 313th ADD at Hotel 3 and Freeworld
Rank: PFC to SP/5
Status: IT Specialist at HEWLETT PACKARD, Sac Ca.

Email: hughey@greenapple.com   7/12/2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Steve Hughey
Nick_Call: "Steve"
Unit: HHC, 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 4 May 71 to 31 July 71
DMOS: 71H20
Message: Only spent 3 months at Long Thanh because we stood down and was reassigned to 165th Avn Grp in Long Binh. Pulled guard duty every other night. EM club was outstanding; lots of beers and laughs. Can still remember Phillipino bands playing "We Gotta Get Out of this Place" as their last song.
Only got "hit" a couple of times. Your site is outstanding!!! Already sent it to an old bud of mine in South Dakota. I'll try to scan some pictures I have so you can review and post them if you like. Hope some of my other "buds" like; John Woolever, Larry Colflesh, Lavern Raywood, Jamie Betts find this! I've been looking for them for almost 30 years!
Rank: SP4
Status: Sales Manager Heating and Cooling

My father was killed in action Aug. 22, 1970 . His name was Paul Ward Army - SP5-E5, 1st AVN BDE . I have been trying to find info on him as to where he was stationed and so on. I haven't had much luck. Any info you may have would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Kenneth Ward - Kenny@dragonbbs.com    

Army E05 67V2O   

PS..... We hooked this guy up with his dad's best friend who had left a message on the wall memorial under his dad's name comments.... way kewl... 7/11/2000

Email: teedmun@hotmail.com  7/10/2000
Name: Terry Edmunds
Nick_Call: Pro
Unit: HHC
Tour_dates: 3/69 to 3/70
Message: was at Long Thanh 69/70...remember Mr Longley..found him...Mark "train" Davidson..found him..Ronnie "arke" Hicks...found him...found Roger VonSeggern I think...Sfc Newton??? WOuld like to find him and any of the other guys who were there then...this is really cool...bout time someone started a web site for our battalion. Thanks
Rank: SP5
Status: Underwriting Supervisor for State Farm

Email: holcomb@techline.com   7/9/2000
Name: Les Holcomb
Unit: 520th trans bn. / 56th trans co. LTN
Tour_dates: 1971-1972
Message: Your page looks real good. I talked with Frank Ford and he said he has talked with you about a page for the 56th. I have a year book with pictures in it of the guys and things around base. I have also shared some pictures of the base with Frank and he has sent me more recent pictures. I will be E-mailing Frank soon and will work with him on how to get you what ever you guys need from me. Thanks for keeping LTN alive for all the GIS that served at LTN.
Rank: SP/4
Status: Work for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Scientific Technician in charge of the nioxus weed program in western Washington

Email: creasemonster30@hotmail.com  7/9/2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Tom Goodwin
Nick_Call: Unit: Flashlight Golf
Unit: 303 Trans.Co. Acft. Mnt. GS
Tour_dates: Oct 68- Aug 69
DMOS: 52B20/30/
Message: Hi from the guys on the other side of the runway.
Did anyone get pictures of the Vulcan or Zippo tank from Tet 69?
The best of times, the worst of times.
Never forget, and God bless.
Rank: SP 5
Status: Senior tech-Nissan material handling equipment

Email: Z70CAD@aol.com   7/6/2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: William Hall
Unit: HHC 210th CAB
Tour_dates: 10/69-10/70
DMOS: 35R20
Message: I was diverted while enroute to the 73rd SAC to fill the Safety/Crashfacts NCO/clerk slot, working for Cpt. Decastro the Aviation Safety Officer and Cpt. Hudson Instructer Pilot.
Rank: SP5
Status: retired

Email: ljmgd@bellsouth.net  7/2/2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Mark G. Davidson
Nick_Call: "Train"
Unit: HHC, 210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Tour_dates: 15 Dec 68 - 20 July 70
DMOS: 71H30
Message: Worked in Battalion Personnel Shop, as well as pulling guard duty every third night, usually in bunker 6. Worked for CW2 Junior R. Wascher, then CW2 Dan D. Longley. Would to hear from any of the guys I worked, particularly Paul Yoder, Harley Smith, and John Hoetzel. The days I spent at Long Thanh North Army Airfield were the best of my Army career.
Rank: SP5
Status: Group leader, machining for a metal fabrication company

Email: upliftmike@hotmail.com  7/1/2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Michael Meyer
Nick_Call: Goodnature 381
Unit: 56th Recovery
Tour_dates: 11/70 8/71
DMOS: 67n20
Message: I flew as a door gunner on Huey#381 with the 56th recovery assigned to Pipesmoke Chinooks out of Phu Loi. We were next to the Mohawk unit at the end of the runway at Long Thanh North.
I've been back to Vietnam six times since 1995 working on humanitarian projects in Saigon, Cu Chi, danang and Hanoi.
Rank: sp5
Status: Futures and options trader since 1980

Email: tabarrow@home.com  7/1/2000  email addy no good 15Oct05
Name: Tom Barrow
Unit: 212th M.P. Co. Sentry Dogs
Tour_dates: 71-72
DMOS: Sentry Dog Handler
Message: In Long Thanh North from mid '71 - April '72 when the 212th detachment was stood down and sent back to Long Binh.
Rank: SP4
Status: Information Technology Manager

Email: fchere@msn.com  7/1/2000
Name: Francis J. Chere
Unit: 210th Avn Bn
Tour_dates: 4/69 to 11/70
Message: Transferred from Saigon to Catholic Chaplain (can't remember his name) as Chaplain's Asst. Only lasted a couple of weeks, and then transferred to Motor Pool as dispatcher
Rank: SP4
Status: Materials Manager

Email: dano36@swbell.net 6/30/2000
Name: Dan D. Longley
Nick_Call: Capitol 13
Unit: HHC 210TH CAB
Tour_dates: Aug 69 - Aug 70
DMOS: 711A
Message: I was told about this site by Frank Ford. Hope it gets a lot of attention from old Long Thaners cause there are a few of them I sure would like to hear from again.
Rank: CW2
Status: Retired US Army and Retired civilian.

Email: fford@loxinfo.co.th 6/24/2000
Name: Frank Ford
Nick/Call: Henry
Unit: HHC 224th Avn Bn
Tour dates: Mar 69 / Apr 71
Message: Thanks Cowboy! It's great to see the 210th CAB on-line.
I was with a neighboring unit, HHC 224th Aviation Bn, located at the NE corner of LTN (Bearcat end, rubber plantation side). I didn't have any friends at 210th, but spent many-a-night at your EM club. The pizzas were a great attraction, but the waitresses were better... Anyone out there have pictures of them? (NOT the PIZZAS... the GIRLS!!)
I recall the weirdness of watching a Filipino band playing rock-n-roll, our guns 'n gear stacked around their stage, the earth & club shaking as Thai howitzers blasted away next door. Wow! What a war!
Keep up the good work, Cowboy. And, if I may steal a few words from our old Vietnam buddy, Bob Hope, 'Thanks for the memories.'
Rank: SP5, busted to SP4
Status: English Teacher, Bangkok Thailand

Email: cowboy@cowboysranch.com
Name: Michael L. Russell
Unit: HHC 210th CAB
Tour dates: Feb 68 - Oct 69
DMOS: 71B20
Message: I hope we can make this a great page. This is only the beginning of what was. Let us come here and find old buddies.
Rank: SP5 and SGT then made SP4 again... oops
Status: Civilian and Reserve SGM

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