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Notice the different styles you can make with the inside of your LONESTAR Barn

All barns are built to engineering specifications and are the strongest barns on today's market, notice the headers, gables and wall trusses every 12'.


Our barns come in many different styles and designs. The barns shown here are with 2x6 Tongue and Groove #2 Wood. We use
Pine and White Pine.  Exteriors and interiors can also be metal, any color, vertical or horizontal.

We also use the finest steel for framing.  All of our barns located in the south have survived all the tornado's and hurricane thrown at them.
Our barns speak for themselves.


Our barns are engineered to be built on concrete slab foundations or they can be erected on your dirt pad.  Talk to Mike about your
requirements and design.


Give us a call at (406) 439-0390