This will be just some shots in and around Long Thanh North....
circa 68 - 69


From the HHC hooch area .. new pad for Transportation Company coming in... I forget the identification of the unit, but I remember they wore black ball caps... That was the only tower in 68.


           Under Construction here.... see tent in back..  Now the building is going up.. date on         picture for this was October 68

What was this unit???

Me at the EM Club.. these ladies actually signed this pic..

Anybody from the 73rd remember these ladies... I spent many a weekend with the one in the print dress...  my wife asked me when I scanned this one... WHO ARE THEY???

Just another beautiful sunset in RVN

              Chris Komar............ S1 and then 365th           LTC Davis and 1LT John Dietz

Phil Dickey and some other guys... Ronald Six 2nd from Right


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