210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Long Thanh North, RVN

Pictures from Ron Richardson, SP5, 210th BN Personnel Office
Circa 1968

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Ron Richardson, thanks for the pics Ron

The guys in the Personnel Section are left to right:

 Front Row: Dennis Wolfe, Terry Horning, Paul Kintz.Back Row: Jim Kayton, Jerry Kelly, Chuck Eggerichs, Joe Sidera, John Martinez and Sam Shipley.  What a group!

1SG Bernie Stroup    Major Turner - SP5 Richardson

Company Clerk Bob Greenawalt  Bruce Carlson
                                                                                                 and CPT Hull - Chaplain

Same awards Ceremony as shown on Page 1 but different pic taker...

Barry Pola...(deceased)   Perkins   Rick Dittman

Jerry Kelly and Dennis Autry (ID's by Dennis Wolfe  Jim Kayton and Richardson

Junior Wascher and Pappy  Pappy Reed


Thanks Ron for these pictures.. they are great

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