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  Our first male is
KS Ranch Montana Blue Sky (Hank) AKC reg. Hank's daddy is a United States and Australian Champion.(GC Terrella's Blue Sky).



     Jesse James is our other male.  Jesse is not registered, and now we have Justice, son of Hank who will prove to be an excellent sire.


Jesse left, Hank right and now Justice

Jesse James and Sara (both unregistered) will be having a  litter and they were born Christmas Eve... Sarah had 4 pups 2 boys and 2 girls.  both girls and 1 boy are SOLD... there is one Red Male left out of this unregistered litter. If your interested in that one guy drop us an email and let us know and we will provide you with updated pictures and more information.



Boots   -   Sadie   -  Robin
these are all our boys and girls, red and blue
Boots has been spayed and is just a pet now, Sadie is Artful Dodger Red Hot Montana Cowgirl - Robin is Danbar's Singular Sensation
Thats the crew, we love em.....

Hank and Robin's new litter was born October 26th, Christmas babies - All SOLD


Thanks to everyone who purchased one of these pups. We had 3 go to Montana, 2 to Washington, 1 to North Dakota and last but not least 1 to Canada.

the pups below are from Sadie and Justice (Justice is the son of Hank), Montana Blue Sky Texas Justice. Sadie is daughter of GCHS Oakwood's Refried Beans and Artful Dodger Ayla Moon
All those pups are sold


This is Sadie



Waiting List Form
(Please fill out and either email or send it to us)

We are adding Magnum (Montana Blue Sky Hired Gun)  for future breeding as he has both Hank and Robins bloodlines (as does Justice) and he will further the breed in an excellent manner. Magnum is going to start Herding School in the very near future.  We hope to send him to Kelly Orr in Idaho for training. Magnum is from Hank and Robins litter Oct 2016. He will be tested at 2 years old for hips, elbows, PRA, etc.


This is our boy Magnum

M bar R Ranch Australian Cattle Dogs
(Blue and Red Heelers)

Email          cowboy@cowboysranch.com   or        Phone:  406 439-0390

posted and updated December 17, 2017
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