210th Combat Aviation Battalion
Long Thanh North, RVN
APO 96530

also home of the
Command Airplane Company (USARV Flight Detachment)
212th MP Detachment (Sentry Dogs)
365th Airfield Detachment (Div)
73rd Surveillance Airplane Company
224th Avn Battalion
146th Aviation Company




12th Aviation Group, Long Binh, RVN
1st Aviation Brigade, Long Binh, RVN

Veterans and Asbestos: Veterans from WWII through Vietnam were often exposed to high amounts of asbestos and are being diagnosed with asbestos illnesses. These Veterans are entitled to compensation and can contact Mesothelioma Lawyer Center for assistance. 

  This is the beginning of the 210th Combat Aviation Battalion HHC, internet connection.  I hope to make this site a place for all us veterans to come and hook up with old buddies from beautiful downtown Long Thanh North.  HHC Commander during part of the time I was there was Major Joseph E. Turner.  I have just found out that he made Major General. A picture of him can be seen on The West Virginia ROTC Alumni page.  Well done, Sir...

  I came in-country in February 6, 1968.  Made it there during the end of the TET Offensive of 68.  It was still pretty hairy and things were no way secure there.  After 3 days at 90th Replacement Battalion in Long Binh, I was assigned to the 73rd SAC, 210th CAB.  We loaded up in a duce and a half and off we went down Hiway 15, south towards Vung Tau.  We made it just past the Buddhist Temple and Orphanage, crossed over a little bridge and the driver hung an immediate left.  This place we were approaching was going to be my home for the next 19 months which I didn't even know yet..  I was scheduled to in-process for the 73rd Surv. Airplane Company.  While I was in-processing the First Sergeant came over and said does anybody in this group know how to type.  Dah, I raised my hand.  I was assigned to Battalion Headquarters S1.  I was introduced to my new boss, Major Lozano, CAV, the BN S-1.

  I became the new Battalion Awards and Decorations Clerk.  I came to Nam as a SP/4.  I had just finished my first year in the Army.  I did my basic at Fort Bliss, Texas and 1 hour after graduation from there I was off to Fort Rucker, AL.  Went to 5th Student Company in these nice new barracks and eventually graduated 2nd in the class, Class MEOAMC 67-511. I have copies of those orders also awarding my MOS, SPECIAL ORDER 154 dtd, 22Jun67, also on the same order are all the guys that graduated from Huey school also.  I was now a true blue Multi-Engine Turbo Prop Mechanic, 67H30, OV-1's.

  From there I was stationed permanent party, 1st School Support Company.  Upon assignment there, SFC Gerald Cook, said: "Who knows how to type", I raised my hand and became the new duty roster clerk and eventually the company clerk.  Got levied to Nam in January 1968.  Now we are up to date here and back to Long Thanh North.

  When I first arrived at Long Thanh North I was issued an M-14. When I got that weapon I said, "you had three days to get me without a weapon, now that I have one, I know I am going home".  I soon traded it with the supply sergeant (SGF Pat Patterson) for an R&R allocation in exchange for a new M-16.  It paid working in Battalion HQ's, I then later worked in the TOC and did midnight shift radio communications with all subordinate units of the 210th.  I was on the air with all the units most every night.  The units I can remember are:

HHC Enlisted Personnel Rosters for October 1968 and April 1969 (working)
its a working document but all the names are listed that I could read

Command Airplane Company, Long Thanh North - Click for pic of CAC people and places
COMMAND AIRCRAFT COMPANY (USARV) - Flight Detachment under the 165th Aviation Group (New Site Guys)
120th Assault Helicopter Company, Long Binh
184th Recon Airplane Company, Phu Loi
73rd Surv. Airplane Company, Vung Tau
74th Recon Airplane Company, Phu Loi
129th Med Detachment
255th Trans Det 96291
54th Util Apln Co 96291
325th Sig Det 96530
365th Airfield Detachment (Div)
25th Avn Co (Corps) 96266
98th Trans Det 96384
292nd Finance 96291
10th Finance 96530
91st Finance 96384
10th Finance 96289

I then became the Company Clerk for HHC doing the Morning Reports... I replaced SP5 Wayne Paradis when he DEROS'd and ETS'd. I stayed there til October of 69 when I DEROS'd and ETS'd my statutory obligation of service.

Does anybody remember when they put in the the new shower room. It was gravity fed and only heated by the sun.  You can bet everybody tried to take their showers as soon as they got off work. Usually 4:30 (1630) was a popular time at the shower.  Only the really tough (or stupid) guys took showers in the morning before going to the duty position.

Most all the guys at the 212th MP Company, pretty much hung to themselves. I made friends with a couple of the guys but to this day sure can't remember their names.

HQ 210th, Ord #244, dtd 10 October 1968.  Promotion Orders to SP5 for lots of guys within the 210th Battalion from all units.

Special Order 34, dtd 8Feb69 - Appointment Order and MOS action orders for lots of guys within the 210th Bn.

Special Order 251, dtd 15Oct69 - Reassignment Orders for: Valadez, HHC 210th - Russell, HHC 210th - Goundie, 74th - Trujillo, 73rd SAC - Powell, USARV Trans Det - Pappe, USARV Trans Det - Signed by WO1 Dan Longley...


Reunion 2020
New Orleans, LA
September 10-13, 2020
Our reunion is scheduled for the dates above. We will be staying in the New Residence Inn French Quarter Marriott,  Central Business District.
Our group booking is all hooked up and you can make reservations by calling the hotel at:
1 888 236-2427 and mentioning 210th Combat Aviation Battalion and the dates above.
Room are set up at $115.00 per night King Size beds, or $125.00 double Queens rooms.
We are scheduling a bunch of tours and events, its pretty much going to be up to you what you want to do or when we all get settle there we can decide what events are available and what we want to do.
I do however, want to schedule a dinner for us if you would like to participate at a nearby restaurant. Order off the menu and the meal will be a no host dinner.
There is so much to see there and so many fine fine restaurants for us to choose from. This is open to all 210th CAB units... the response has been great and many have already booked their rooms and are anxious to visit New Orleans. Our hotel is one of the finest and is brand new.  If you have any questions, please contact me (Mike Russell) at 406 439-0390 or email me at: cowboy@cowboysranch.com
Hope to see you there, times are great and we aint gettin any younger.
Later, Mike


210th Lineage

  This is a beginning and I am going to include pictures here from the life and times... I would appreciate any historical information and other pertinent stuff as you guys remember it.  Send me your photos and I will also include them.

  I want to also take this moment to remember the two Air Force guys attached to the 210th CAB. They worked the weather station at the bottom of the tower.  They were SGT. James Purcell, and SGT M. Wydra.  I am pretty sure that was the spelling. Again if any of you remember exactly let me know.  I know there are lots of old 210th vets out there.  As I write this page I am thinking of all the time we had singing, laughing, smokin and jokin.

All the below locations are links to pages dedicated to pictures sent in from some of you guys.

  73rd Revetments from the Air OV-1, identify this plane.. tail number showing
 New Hooch pad for Aviation Detachment, 2nd Signal, coming to LTN 69

Picture Pages




REUNION PICTURES 2007 - San Antonio, TX

1st Page  2nd Page  3rd Page  4th Page   5th Page

Command Airplane Company - U21's and guys
a new picture is on this page from Jerold Jensen... all the pilots prior to CAC moving back to TSN sent in 12_2010

  Annual 6 (23Oct01)  Bill's (Eskimo) Page - CAC

  Pictures from Mike Fryer (CAC) 1968
(entered 2-10-2002)

  Wayne's World...  pics from slides 3/7/2002

2002 S1 Reunion - Baltimore/Washington DC

Links to other units that were based at Long Thanh North 

 146th Aviation Company... 224th Cbt Avn Bn, Long Thanh North
There's also a small site from one of it's pilots:
73rd Surv. Airplane Company, Vung Tau and Long Thanh North
 224th Cbt Avn Bn................ under construction
1st Aviation Brigade, Long Binh, RVN   great article written by SP5 Phillip Dickey
   240th Assault Helicopter Company, Bear Cat

Lost and Found..... 

Here is a list of other Long Thanh North Vets that I would like to find. I will add more names as you let me know who your looking for.  When they are located we will take them off the list.  So here goes:

Marion Wydra....... Air Force... New York...Wydra where the hell are you???
James Purcell......... Air Force... Chicago......  These two guys worked in the weather station, their pictures are on the site
Anthony (Tony) Paul Macelli... Army - California - FOUND....
Phil S. Dickey.. Found.... Phil is in Florida..
LT.  Wolf......... Army Aviator Fixed Wing  New York??
CPT. Wilmer D. Snell...... Army Aviator  Fixed Wing  Ozark, Alabama   FOUND
Lincoln, Anthony........... Army (found Tony, see guestbook)
Roger Childress.. Army..??
Ed Arthur......  Army - Orange County, CA found
LT. Terry Williams.... ???
Mike Horner....... 1st CAV found Dec 06


From the Lost and Found Files, Tony Lincoln and Phil Dickey
at the moving wall - click on the picture to enlarge it


Let me know if you know of the whereabouts of any of these LTN'ers

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